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Reliability engineering is a sub-discipline of systems engineering that emphasizes dependability in the lifecycle management of a product. Reliability, describes the ability of a system or component to function under stated conditions for a specified period of time. Reliability is closely related to availability, which is typically described as the ability of a component or system to function at a specified moment or interval of time.

Pressure alarms and reports system module for proactive maintenance application

Methods and systems for proactively maintaining a telephone system local loop. One embodiment includes communicating with a communications network and acquiring information associated with pressure or flow sensors along fiber optic cables. Proactive maintenance of the fiber optic cables is predicted using the information associated with pressure or flow sensors. The embodiment may further include generating and dispatching work order information describing the predicted proactive maintenance. The embodiment may also include predicting proactive maintenance of telephone lines using information from a Dynamic Network Analyzer and using information from a Loop Facilities and Control System. Another embodiment includes a system for predicting proactive maintenance of a telephone system local loop. This embodiment includes a Pressure Alarms and Reports System Module, a database stored in memory, and a processor. The Pressure Alarms and Reports System Module communicates with a communications network and acquires at least one of i) pressure information associated with fiber optic cables and ii) flow information associated with fiber optic cables. The database stores the acquired information. The processor processes information stored in the database and generates predicted proactive maintenance.

Parking system employing rem techniques

The system described is an integrated parking management system which makes use of patented vehicle detectors to collect and transmit data, essentially in near real time, as to all events happening as to single or multiple parking spaces (e.g. current and historic use, length of time of occupancy of current occupant) to a central clearing device for which patent application has been made which serves as a logic core and repository, making use of proprietary software, analyzing, displaying and distributing the data so developed as to a parking plant and all of its components to allow all parties (including prospective users) who are concerned with the various aspects of a parking plant and its components (e.g. determination as to availability of spaces, maintenance and repair of meters, collection of revenues and enforcement of parking regulations) not only to access and make passive use of the information developed, in near real time, to permit them to identify what's happening to the plant and its components as to their own particular interest in such plant and so maximize the efficient use both of the resources of the plant and their own resources directed to the particular aspect of their interface with the plant and its components but also to access and make active use of such information for whatever purpose and in whatever fashion using whatever means of access they may wish. While others have made claim to certain of the individual functions described, e.g. vehicle detection, nobody has identified or patented
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