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Automated audio video messaging and answering system

The invention is an audio-video communication and answering system, where system's properties make it particularly suitable as a Digital Video Messaging System for, amongst other things, answering the door. The elements of the system are a DVMS outside module that is a wireless pocket PC with a proximity sensing, a video camera, a microphone, a speaker, a digital transmitter, a digital receiver, and a keypad; a computerized controller that is a personal computer with components for plaving and recording video and audio media; a DVMS inside module having a screen, a microphone, a speaker, a digital transmitter, a digital receiver, and a keypad; a wireless mode; and a DVMS database application with a graphic user interface. The computerized controller is in communication with a public switching telephone network enabling communication with remote peripheral devices, such as a cell phone, PDA, or computer. The system is based on the Microsoft Windows® Mobile 802.11b to coordinate communication between elements. The database application coordinates responses to prompts and events. The proximity sensor activates the system when the sensor detects the visitor's presence. This then starts a series of prompts and interaction prescribed by the application. The system includes an electrically actuated lock that can be actuated through a code entry or remotely. The system enables a visitor to communicate with an occupant either offsite or onsite, where the visitor never knows the occupant's location, unless the occupant discloses his location.

A joint optimization method for task unloading and resource allocation in a mobile edge computing network

The invention discloses a joint optimization method for task unloading and resource allocation in a mobile edge computing network, which comprises the following steps of 1, establishing an OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access)-based multi-MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) base station and a multi-user scene model, wherein the MEC base station supports the multi-user access; 2, introducing an unloading decision mechanism; Meanwhile, constructing a local calculation model and a remote calculation model, selecting a user needing to perform calculation unloading, and establishing a calculation task unloading and resource allocation scheme based on minimum energy consumption under the condition of meeting the time delay constraint according to the conditions; 3, carrying out variablefusion on three mutually constrained optimization variables, namely an unloading decision variable, a wireless resource distribution variable and a computing resource distribution variable, so as to simplify the problem; and 4, obtaining an unloading decision and a resource allocation result which enable the total energy consumption of the user in the MEC system to be minimum through a branch andbound algorithm. The method has the advantage that the energy consumption of the system can be effectively reduced on the premise that strict time delay limitation is guaranteed.

Thermoplastic polyurethanes comprising polytrimethylene ether soft segments

Thermoplastic polyurethane prepared from reactants comprising: (a) polytrimethylene ether glycol; (b) diisocyanate; (c) diol chain extender; and (d) monofunctional alcohol chain terminator or monofunctional amine chain terminator; and manufacture and use thereof.
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