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Method and apparatus for producing and treating novel elastomer composites

InactiveUS6929783B2Facilitate controlling and changing operating parameterImprove economyLiquid degasificationSpecial tyresParticulatesMasterbatch
Elastomer masterbatch is processed in a continuous compounder having multiple parallel elongate rotors axially oriented in an elongate processing chamber. Optionally, additional materials are compounded into the masterbatch, e.g., additives, other elastomeric compositions, etc. Preferably, the masterbatch then is further processed in an open mill. Excellent control of Mooney Viscosity is achieved.In certain preferred embodiments, elastomer composites are produced by novel continuous flow methods and apparatus in which fluid streams of particulate filler and elastomer latex are fed to the mixing zone of a coagulum reactor to form a coagulated mixture in semi-confined flow continuously from the mixing zone through a coagulum zone to a discharge end of the reactor. The particulate filler fluid is fed under high pressure to the mixing zone, such as to form a jet stream to entrain elastomer latex fluid sufficiently energetically to substantially completely coagulate the elastomer with the particulate filler prior to the discharge end without need of adding acid or salt solution or other coagulation step. The coagulated elastomer and particulate filler composite is fed into the aforesaid continuous compounder for processing and control of its moisture level and Mooney Viscosity. Novel elastomer composites are produced. Such novel elastomer composites combine material properties and characteristics, such as choice of filler, elastomer, level of filler loading, moisture level, Mooney Viscosity, balance between molecular weight and amount of bound rubber, and macro-dispersion not previously achieved.

Graphene composite material and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a graphene composite material and a preparation method thereof. The graphene composite material provided by the invention is characterized in that a graphene material plate fixed on a metallic matrix serves as a carrier, and the elementary substance and/or a compound are compounded on the graphene surface. Meanwhile, the invention also discloses a method for preparing the graphene composite material. The graphene composite material prepared by the invention is opened between graphene sheets and is compounded with a chemical substance under the condition that a space body structure is formed, and the obtained material has high conductivity, high specific surface area and excellent performance of low electrical resistivity between the sheets, and can be widely applied to the fields of energy storage materials such as lithium ion batteries, super-capacitors, super lead carbon batteries, super nickel-carbon electrodes, solar energy and fuel cells, the field of heat dissipation materials, the field of environment-friendly adsorbing materials, the field of sea water desalination materials, the field of photoelectric sensor materials, the biological relevance field, the field of catalyst materials and the fields of conductive ink and coating materials.
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