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Non-woven fabric is a fabric-like material made from staple fibre (short) and long fibres (continuous long), bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. The term is used in the textile manufacturing industry to denote fabrics, such as felt, which are neither woven nor knitted. Some non-woven materials lack sufficient strength unless densified or reinforced by a backing. In recent years, non-woven have become an alternative to polyurethane foam.

Separator for nonaqueous electrolyte batteries, nonaqueous electrolyte battery using it, and method for manufacturing separator for nonaqueous electrolyte batteries

The present invention provides a separator for non-aqueous electrolyte batteries which neither breaks nor slips off at the time of fabrication of battery, gives excellent battery fabricability, causes no internal short-circuit caused by contact between electrodes even if the electrodes are externally short-circuited, can inhibit ignition of battery and produces high energy density and excellent cycle life, and further provides a non-aqueous electrolyte battery using the separator and a method for manufacturing the separator. That is, the present invention relates to a separator for non-aqueous electrolyte batteries which comprises a porous base containing at least one member selected from a porous film, a woven fabric or nonwoven fabric containing an organic fiber and a paper and an organometallic compound applied to the porous base; a method for the manufacture of the separator for non-aqueous electrolyte batteries which comprises allowing said porous base to contact with a solution of organometallic compound by impregnation, coating or spraying, followed by drying or curing with heating to apply the organometallic compound to the porous base; and a non-aqueous electrolyte battery using the separator.

Nonwoven fabric for separator of non-aqueous electrolyte battery and non-aqueous electrolyte battery using the same

InactiveUS6200706B1Uniform and efficient productionImprove various performanceOrganic electrolyte cellsPaper/cardboardSurface roughnessEngineering
The object of the present invention is to provide a nonwoven fabric for separators of non-aqueous electrolyte batteries which is superior in adhesion to electrodes, causes no breakage of the separator and neither slippage nor space between electrode and the separator at the time of fabrication of battery, provides superior battery processability such as rollability with electrodes, causes no internal short-circuit due to contact between electrodes caused by shrinking or burning of the nonwoven fabric even when electrodes generate heat owing to external short-circuit, whereby ignition of the battery can be inhibited, has no pin holes and is superior in retention of electrolyte and penetration of electrolyte, and which can give non-aqueous electrolyte batteries superior in capacity, battery characteristics and battery storage characteristics. Specifically, the nonwoven fabric for separators of non-aqueous electrolyte batteries according to the present invention has a thickness non-uniformity index (Rpy) of 1000 mV or less or a center surface average roughness SRa of 6 mum or less in whole wavelength region as measured using a tracer method three-dimensional surface roughness meter.

Low application temperature hot melt adhesive

InactiveUS20070088116A1High bond strength levelSame level of performanceAbsorbent padsAdhesivesElastomerCardboard
A hot melt adhesive composition, comprising a blend of components including about 10% to about 40% by weight of an elastomeric block copolymer, preferably styrene-isoprene-styrene (SIS) or styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS), about 15% to about 70% by weight of a first midblock tackifying resin having a softening point of at least about 110° C. and having an aromatic content of at least about 1.5% by weight; about 0 to 55% of second midblock tackifying resin, about 5% to about 35% by weight of a plasticizer; and about 0% to about 20% by weight of an end block resin having a softening point lower than 125° C.; wherein the components total 100% by weight of the composition, the viscosity of the composition is equal to or less than about 20,000 mPa.s at 120° C., and is applied at a temperature lower that 150° C. and initial bond retention of the composition on elastic strands is at least about 60%. Also, the elastic modulus G′ of the composition is higher than about 5000 Pa, the vicous modules G″ is higher than about 50 Pa, and the tan delta value is between about 0.5 and about 60. Laminates, especially those used in disposable soft goods, and methods of making such laminates are also described. The adhesive composition and/or laminate may be used in making a variety of end products such as a disposable diaper, a sanitary napkin, a bed pad, a bandage, a surgical drape, a tape, a label, a plastic sheet, a nonwoven sheet, a paper sheet, a cardboard, a book, a filter, or a package.

Polymer compound core body and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a polymer compound core body and a preparation method thereof and relates to a polymer compound core body. The invention provides a polymer compound core body which is mainly used for paper diapers and panty diapers, the polymer compound core body which cam not form lump and can not be broken or delaminated and a preparation method thereof. The compound core body is provided with an airlaid paper surface layer, an airlaid paper bottom layer and a bulking non-woven fabric layer, wherein the bulking non-woven fabric layer is arranged between the airlaid paper surface layer and the airlaid paper bottom layer and is adhered to the airlaid paper surface layer and the airlaid paper bottom layer by an adhesive; and water absorbent resin is uniformly penetrated in the bulking non-woven fabric layer. Urine can be rapidly and completely penetrated to the polymer compound core body; the airlaid paper surface layer of the compound core body can effectively absorb the urine; a polymer water absorbent resin of the polymer compound core body can effectively absorb and store the urine; and the bulking non-woven fabric layer can ensure that the urine rapidly penetrates towards the direction of the bottom layer, thus the water-absorbing quantity is large, the surface layer is kept in a drier state and a human feels comfortable.

Waterborne polyurethane resin superfiber leather and manufacturing method thereof

The invention relates to polyurethane resin superfiber leather and a manufacturing method thereof, belonging to the technical field of manufacturing methods. The manufacturing method is characterized by comprising the steps of sea-island fiber, non-woven fabrics, polyvinyl alcohol impregnation or hot-pressing and ironing out, original cloth processing, impregnation and coating of polyurethane, thermal coagulation, reduction amount of base, basic cloth, dyeing or embossment of grinding surfaces and inspection and warehousing. The polyurethane resin superfiber leather can be obtained by using the method. Compared with solvent type polyurethane, the waterborne polyurethane resin superfiber leather has equivalent physical properties, accords with application requirement, uses the environment-friendly polyurethane resin and has no organic solvent harmful to the environment; a DMF reclamation step is required by solvent type products in the production process so as to simplify the production process; and the polyurethane resin superfiber leather is energy-saving and environment-friendly, meets the limiting requirement on an environment-friendly polyurethane synthetic leather at abroad, reduces the demand quantity of producers, the harm to the producers as well as the production cost and has strong market competitiveness.
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