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Modified Polylactic Acid Fibers

A method for forming biodegradable fibers is provided. The method includes blending polylactic acid with a polyepoxide modifier to form a thermoplastic composition, extruding the thermoplastic composition through a die, and thereafter passing the extruded composition through a die to form a fiber. Without intending to be limited by theory, it is believed that the polyepoxide modifier reacts with the polylactic acid and results in branching of its polymer backbone, thereby improving its melt strength and stability during fiber spinning without significantly reducing glass transition temperature. The reaction-induced branching can also increase molecular weight, which may lead to improved fiber ductility and the ability to better dissipate energy when subjected to an elongation force. To minimize premature reaction, the polylactic acid and polyepoxide modifier are first blended together at a relatively low temperature(s). Nevertheless, a relatively high shear rate may be employed during blending to induce chain scission of the polylactic acid backbone, thereby making more hydroxyl and/or carboxyl groups available for subsequent reaction with the polyepoxide modifier. Once blended, the temperature(s) employed during extrusion of the blended composition can be selected to both melt the composition and initiate a reaction of the polyepoxide modifier with hydroxyl and/or carboxyl groups of the polylactic acid. Through selective control over this method, the present inventors have discovered that the resulting fibers may exhibit good mechanical properties, both during and after melt spinning.

Device and method for manufacturing airflow melting electrostatic spinning nano-fiber non-woven fabric

The invention relates to a device and a method for manufacturing an airflow melting electrostatic spinning nano-fiber non-woven fabric. The device for manufacturing the airflow melting electrostatic spinning nano-fiber non-woven fabric comprises a stock hoper, a screw extruder, a filter, a metering pump, a material path, a melt-blown die head, a hot-air pipeline, an air compressor, a heating device, a high voltage electrostatic generator and a receiving device. The material path is made of high thermal conductivity insulating ceramics. The method for manufacturing the nano-fiber non-woven fabric adopts the device disclosed by the invention and comprises the following processing steps: (1) preparing a polymer melt; (2) jetting nano-fibers by using airflow static electricity; and (3) moulding the non-woven fabric. The method for manufacturing the nano-fiber non-woven fabric of the invention adopts airflow-melting electrostatic spinning technology, avoids a problem of pollution of electrostatic spinning solvent, and is novel environment-friendly non-woven fabric manufacturing technology. In the manufacturing method, high voltage electrostatic is directly acted on the melt-blown die head; the melt has high and uniform charge; and simultaneously by utilizing drafting of the airflow, the prepared nano-fiber has the advantages of thin diameter and narrow distribution. The device can meet production requirements by improving the conventional melt-blown manufacturing device, and has low implementation cost and easy industrialization promotion.
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