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Carbon nano-dot, and preparation method and application thereof

ActiveCN102849722AOvercome costsOvercoming the problem of easy fluorescence quenching in the aggregated stateNanotechnologyNano-carbonBiological imagingOrganic compound
The invention discloses a carbon nano-dot, and a preparation method and an application thereof, and solves a problem that the application of present nano-dots is restricted because of high preparation cost and easy fluorescent quenching appearance of an aggregate state. According to the invention, the carbon nano-dot having a high fluorescence quantum efficiency is prepared through adopting a polycarboxyl or polyhydroxy contained organic compound, or an amino acid as a raw material, and urea as a surface passivation modification agent, and through a microwave process, and a carbon nano-dot fluorescent ink is prepared through using the carbon nano-dot. The preparation method disclosed in the invention has the advantages of simplicity, low cost and convenient large-scale production; the fluorescent quenching of the prepared carbon nano-dot on the surface of a biological product does not appear, and the highest fluorescence quantum efficiency is 42%; and the prepared carbon nano-dot fluorescent ink is nontoxic, does not generate a precipitate after long-time dispose, and can be applied to the biological imaging field, the biological product identification field, the information storage field, the information encryption field, the false proof field, the illumination display field, the photovoltaic device field and the like.

Method of fabricating orientation-controlled single-crystalline wire and method of fabricating transistor having the same

ActiveUS20070017439A1Improved fabricationImproved gate controllabilityPolycrystalline material growthSemiconductor/solid-state device manufacturingNanowireEngineering
Provided may be a method of fabricating nanowires and a method of fabricating a transistor having the same. The method may include: forming a template layer on a substrate, the template layer having a first lateral surface and a second lateral surface facing the first surface; forming pores in the template layer, the pores disposed between the first lateral surface and the second lateral surface in the template layer and having first apertures in the first lateral surface; forming a single-crystalline material layer contacting the first apertures disposed in the first lateral surface of the template layer; forming second apertures connecting pores disposed in the second lateral surface; supplying gaseous crystal growth materials through the second apertures; and forming crystalline nanowires in the pores by crystal growth from the single-crystalline material layer. The nanowires may be made of crystalline materials, e.g., Si or SiGe, and may be formed parallel to the substrate. Higher quality nanowires, whose orientation may be controlled, may be formed. A higher quality transistor may be formed on the substrate by applying a method of fabricating the nanowires.

Nano-carbon material dispersion liquid and preparation method and equipment thereof

ActiveCN102180458AEvenly dispersedEffective dispersion effectNanotechnologyNano carbonHigh pressure
The invention discloses a nano-carbon material dispersion liquid, and a preparation method and preparation equipment of the nano-carbon material dispersion liquid, and aims to prepare a nano-carbon material dispersion system which contains uniformly distributed nano-carbon particles and is stable. The dispersion liquid comprises the following components in percentage by mass: 0.5 to 20 percent ofthe nano-carbon material, and the balance of dispersion solvent. The preparation method comprises the steps of pre-dispersion and high-pressure dissociation dispersion. The preparation equipment consists of pre-dispersion equipment and high-pressure dissociation dispersion equipment. Compared with the prior art, a high-pressure dispersion method is introduced into the preparation method, and morethan two paths of 50 to 500MPa high-pressure liquid flows are guided to one place and converged together to ensure that the high-pressure liquid flows generate violent collision to fully dissociate the nano-carbon material in the high-pressure liquid flows, so that the nano-carbon material is uniformly distributed in the dispersion solvent to achieve a more effective dispersion effect of the nanomaterial; besides, the obtained nano-carbon material dispersion liquid is better in dispersion effect, can exist stably for a long time, and is convenient to store and transport.

A kind of preparation method of graphene material

The invention discloses a preparation method of a graphene material. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: with graphite carbon as a raw material, adding potassium hypermanganate and concentrated sulfuric acid in batches in different stages to control an oxidation process of graphite; adjusting the pH value of the oxidized solution to obtain graphene oxide colloidal dispersing solutions (GOS) with different concentrations; dropwise adding the GOS on the surface of a carrier or spreading out the GOS on a non-intersolubility liquid/liquid interface and drawing into a grapheneoxide thin-film (GOF); carrying out high-speed centrifugation and drying treatment on the GOS to obtain graphene oxide solid powder (GOP); reducing the GOS by selecting an appropriate reducing agent,and centrifugally drying to obtain reduced graphene solid powder (GRP); dispersing a proper amount of GRP in an organic solvent to prepare a reduced graphene oxide colloidal dispersing solution (GRS); and dropwise adding the GRS on the surface of the carrier or spreading out on the non-intersolubility liquid/liquid interface and drawing into the reduced graphene thin-film (GRF). Various graphene materials prepared by the invention are easy to mutually transform; and the concentration of the colloidal solution and the thickness of the thin-film can be controlled in a certain range.
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