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Image forming apparatus and method

The image forming apparatus comprises: an ink discharge device comprising a plurality of full line type inkjet heads arranged separately for a plurality of inks of different colors, each of the inkjet heads having a nozzle row in which a plurality of nozzles for discharging droplets of the ink toward a surface of a recording medium are arranged through a length corresponding to a full width of the recording medium; an ink supply device which supplies ultraviolet curable inks of corresponding colors to the inkjet heads; a conveyance device which causes the inkjet heads and the recording medium to move relatively to each other by conveying at least one of the recording medium and the inkjet heads in a direction substantially perpendicular to a breadthways direction of the recording medium; a first curing device which irradiates ultraviolet light for causing the droplets of the ink, deposited on the surface of the recording medium by one of the inkjet heads on an upstream side in a direction of relative conveyance of the recording medium with respect to the inkjet heads, to semi-cure to a degree whereby the droplets of the ink discharged from the inkjet head on the upstream side do not mix on the surface of the recording medium with the droplets of the ink discharged by a next one of the inkjet heads situated on a downstream side in the direction of relative conveyance, the first curing device comprising an ultraviolet light source including a group of light emitting elements arranged in a linear form and disposed between the inkjet heads of the respective colors; and a second curing device which irradiates ultraviolet light for performing main curing of the droplets of the ink on the recording medium to a degree whereby image degradation does not occur upon subsequent handling of the cured droplets of the ink, the second curing device being disposed after one of the inkjet heads situated in a furthest downstream position of the inkjet heads.

GaN group semiconductor light-emitting element with concave and convex structures on the substrate and a production method thereof

Concaves and convexes 1a are formed by processing the surface layer of a first layer 1, and second layer 2 having a different refractive index from the first layer is grown while burying the concaves and convexes (or first crystal 10 is grown as concaves and convexes on crystal layer S to be the base of the growth, and second crystal 20 is grown, which has a different refractive index from the first crystal). After forming these concavo-convex refractive index interfaces 1a (10a), an element structure, wherein semiconductor crystal layers containing a light-emitting layer A are laminated, is formed. As a result, the light in the lateral direction, which is generated in the light-emitting layer changes its direction by an influence of the concavo-convex refractive index interface and heads toward the outside. Particularly, when an ultraviolet light is to be emitted using InGaN as a material of a light-emitting layer, a quantum well structure is employed and all the layers between the quantum well structure and the low temperature buffer layer are formed of a GaN crystal, removing AlGaN. The quantum well structure preferably consists of a well layer made of InGaN and a barrier layer made of GaN, and the thickness of the barrier layer is preferably 6 nm–30 nm.
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