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High transparency integrated enclosure touch screen assembly for a portable hand held device

An integrated enclosure/touch screen assembly. A touch screen assembly consisting of a display mechanism and optical sensor mechanism are enclosed within a single piece cover. The optical sensor mechanism consists of lens structure and optical sensor couple to the lens structure. The single piece cover includes a transparent top surface and the lens structure is embedded within the transparent top surface. The transparent top surface of the single piece cover provides an enclosure that is both dust free and waterproof.
The lens structure of the single piece cover functions by columnating light across the transparent surface. The optical touch sensor is coupled to the lens structure to register contact with the transparent surface via the lens structure by detecting disturbances in the columnated light. In one embodiment, the single piece cover is constructed by embedding the lens structure directly into the transparent surface. This process forms the single piece cover and also may be used to provide various shapes for the outer edges of the cover. The single piece cover eliminates exposed seams of the touch screen assembly. Additionally, the transparent surface is disposed directly above the display without any intervening layers, thereby improving the transmission of light to the display.

Polarizing element, optical element, and liquid crystal display

A polarizing element and an optical element are provided that can form a semitransparent or other type of liquid crystal display which is excellent in contrast in a reflective display mode and also is excellent in luminance in a transmissive display mode utilizing a reflective polarizing plate. A polarizing element comprising a reflective polarizing plate and an absorptive polarizer, wherein the reflective polarizing plate separates an incident natural light into a reflected light and a transmitted light each comprising a polarized light, and the absorptive polarizer is arranged on one side of the reflective polarizing plate so as to transmit a polarized light comprising the transmitted light. Also, an optical element comprising this polarizing element; and (a) a quarter wavelength plate or (b) an absorptive polarizing plate and a quarter wavelength plate arranged on the side of the absorptive polarizer in the polarizing element, wherein the absorptive polarizing plate has an axial relation so as to transmit a polarized light transmitted through the absorptive polarizer. While accomplishing the function as a semitransparent reflective polarizer utilizing the reflective polarizing plate, in a transmissive display mode, high luminance display can be achieved with high contrast, and in a reflective display mode, unnecessary reflected light (returned light) of an external light can be absorbed and cut off efficiently.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamp tube

The invention discloses an LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamp tube, which comprises a glass tube, lamp caps arranged at two ends of the glass tube as well as an LED lamp strip arranged in the glass tube, wherein the inner wall of the glass tube is coated with a light increasing and heat radiating film; and the LED lamp strip is fixedly adhered to the inner wall of the glass tube through a high heat conduction bonding adhesive. The light increasing and heat radiating film is an aluminum-coated layer, or a frosted heat conduction light increasing adhesive layer or a nano adhesive layer capable of increasing light and radiating heat. The LED lamp strip comprises a substrate, wherein a plurality of LED light sources are welded on the substrate, or an integrated light source consisting of an LED chip is packaged on the substrate; and a driving power supply module is also arranged on the LED lamp strip. According to the LED lamp tube disclosed by the invention, the light emitting efficiency, the light emitting angle and the illumination area of the LED lamp tube are increased; the problems of glare and point light existing in the LED lamp tube are solved; heat generated by an LED is transmitted to the whole glass tube through the substrate of the LED, so that the heat radiating area is greatly increased and the heat increasing speed of the LED lamp tube is increased; the LED lamp tube can be applied to a lamp holder of a traditional fluorescent lamp, and thus the generality of the LED lamp tube is greatly improved; and the replacement and use costs are reduced.
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