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Silicon dioxide aerogel material and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a silicon dioxide aerogel material and a preparation method thereof. The method comprises the following steps: by using water glass as silicon source, adding an acid-containing organic solvent free of chlorine ions and fluorine ions to generate a precipitate of sodium ions, potassium ions and other metal salt ions, filtering to remove the precipitate to obtain high-purity silica sol, carrying out a sol-gel process, aging, acidifying, modifying, and drying to obtain the silicon dioxide aerogel material. The acidification before modification enhances the surface reaction activity of the silicon gel, thereby obviously enhancing the modification effect and efficiency. The method has the advantages of low cost and simple and efficient technique, is beneficial to mass high-efficiency production, is free of chlorine ions and fluorine ions in the whole technical process, and enhances the equipment operation safety and reliability; and the product can be used for heat preservation and thermal insulation of nuclear power and liquefied natural gas equipment and pipelines with higher requirement for corrosion resistance, and can also be used for thermal insulation in the field of aerospace, petrochemical engineering, track transportation, ships, automobiles, construction and the like.
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