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Thermoelectric materials show the thermoelectric effect in a strong or convenient form. The thermoelectric effect refers to phenomena by which either a temperature difference creates an electric potential or an electric potential creates a temperature difference. These phenomena are known more specifically as the Seebeck effect (creating a voltage from temperature difference), Peltier effect (driving heat flow with an electric current), and Thomson effect (reversible heating or cooling within a conductor when there is both an electric current and a temperature gradient). While all materials have a nonzero thermoelectric effect, in most materials it is too small to be useful. However, low-cost materials that have a sufficiently strong thermoelectric effect (and other required properties) are also considered for applications including power generation and refrigeration. The most commonly used thermoelectric material is based on bismuth telluride (Bi₂Te₃).

A kind of measuring device and method of thin film thermoelectric performance parameters

The invention provides a device and a method for measuring thermoelectric parameters of a film. The measuring device, which has a symmetric structure, comprises a radiating fin, a thermoelectric module, a heat insulation material, metal round rods, a thermocouple wire, a voltmeter, a power supply, a data acquisition instrument and a computer. The measuring method provided by the invention comprises the following steps of: clamping a film to be measured between two upper and lower metal round rods which are completely same while the area of the film sample is the same as the cross-sectional area of the metal round rods, controlling the ambient temperature of the measuring device and the heat flow of the film sample by the use of the thermoelectric module, detecting and recording each performance parameter of the film thermoelectric material at real time by the use of the data acquisition instrument. The invention has the following advantages: the performance of the film thermoelectric material at different temperatures can be measured, that is to say, the same device can be utilized to simultaneously measure the thermal conductivity coefficient, Seebeck coefficient and conductance coefficient of the film thermoelectric material so as to calculate ZT values of the film thermoelectric material at different temperatures. According to the invention, the measuring device has a simple principle, is convenient to operate, is small in size, has many test functions and has high measuring precision.
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