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Device for determining heat-conductivity coefficient

The invention relates to a device for determining the heat-conductivity coefficient. The device comprises a testing cavity, a hot-end heating system, a cold-end cooling system, a vacuumizing system, a temperature acquisition system and a pressure control system, wherein a testing platform is arranged in the testing cavity; and the whole testing platform is of an upper-lower structure and is provided with a heating block, a down-pressing head, a sample to be tested, an upper pressing head and a cooling block in sequence from bottom to top. The device disclosed by the invention has the advantages that the horizontal temperature gradient of the sample to be tested is simulated by arranging multiple horizontal temperature-measuring points, the heat transferring characteristic of the sample to be tested is objectively reflected by multi-point temperature testing, and the more objective value of the heat-conductivity coefficient is obtained by means of data processing. Simultaneously, high-heat-conductivity flexible thin pieces are arranged between the sample to be tested and the pressing heads, so that the thermal contact resistance is reduced and the accuracy of the tested value is improved. In addition, a limiting ring is arranged between the pressing heads, so that the operability and the accuracy of the test in testing the flexible sample are guaranteed. The accuracy and the objectivity of the test for the heat-conductivity coefficient are greatly improved.

A kind of measuring device and method of thin film thermoelectric performance parameters

The invention provides a device and a method for measuring thermoelectric parameters of a film. The measuring device, which has a symmetric structure, comprises a radiating fin, a thermoelectric module, a heat insulation material, metal round rods, a thermocouple wire, a voltmeter, a power supply, a data acquisition instrument and a computer. The measuring method provided by the invention comprises the following steps of: clamping a film to be measured between two upper and lower metal round rods which are completely same while the area of the film sample is the same as the cross-sectional area of the metal round rods, controlling the ambient temperature of the measuring device and the heat flow of the film sample by the use of the thermoelectric module, detecting and recording each performance parameter of the film thermoelectric material at real time by the use of the data acquisition instrument. The invention has the following advantages: the performance of the film thermoelectric material at different temperatures can be measured, that is to say, the same device can be utilized to simultaneously measure the thermal conductivity coefficient, Seebeck coefficient and conductance coefficient of the film thermoelectric material so as to calculate ZT values of the film thermoelectric material at different temperatures. According to the invention, the measuring device has a simple principle, is convenient to operate, is small in size, has many test functions and has high measuring precision.

Quasi-stable state method solid body thermal conductivity measurement instrument

The invention discloses a quasi-stable state method thermal conductivity measurement apparatus, which includes a direct-current power supply, a data acquisition processing system, two heating plates respectively connected to the direct-current power supply, four thermo-electric couples connected to the data acquisition processing system, four identical samples, seven soaking metal sheets and a measurement container stuffed with thermal insulation material. The thermal conductivity measurement apparatus is characterized in that the upper end of the measurement container is provided with a cover, screw threads are machined in the center of the cover and mounted with a bolt, the bolt presses a compressing metal plate above the heat preserving cover, to decrease the inside contact resistance. Two thin film heating plates with staggered structure are adopted, thereby heating on the samples are uniform. The soaking metal plate is provided with grooves, and the corresponding thermo-electric couples are fixed in the grooves by heat conducting glue, the soaking metal plate further uniforms the heat produced by the heating plate, and grooving on the sample is not needed during test, thereby the experimental investigation to different solid thermal conductivities can be conveniently executed.

Reaction calorimeter and differential scanning calorimeter for the high-throughput synthesis, screening and characterization of combinatorial libraries

InactiveUS7033840B1Easily adapted to microscaleChemical analysis using catalysisChemical analysis using titrationReaction calorimeterHigh flux
Workstation, apparatuses and methods for the high-throughput synthesis, screening and/or characterization of combinatorial libraries. The invention relates to an array, which permits various high-throughput methods for synthesis, screening and/or characterization in the same array, without requiring sample transfer from the array. In a preferred embodiment, the synthesis, screening, and/or characterization steps are carried out in a highly parallel fashion, where more than one compound is synthesized, screened, and/or characterized at the same time. The invention may be practiced at the microscale. The array may comprise thermal channels, for regulating the temperature of the wells in the array. The wells of the array may comprise a membrane, which is used in various screening and characterization methods. The invention also relates to a covered array, comprising the array and an array cover, as well as an apparatus comprising the array, which comprises the array, an array cover and a stage. The array, array cover, and the stage may be modified as required for a variety of synthesis and/or analysis techniques. The array is easily interchangeable between different analytical instruments, and in an embodiment, the invention relates to an automated workstation, where the array is transferred between different synthesis, screening, and characterization stations. The invention also relates to a variety of methods for synthesis, screening, and characterization, which are adapted for combinatorial chemistry. Any of the embodiments of the invention may be used either alone or taken in various combinations.

Protective heat flow meter method thermal conductivity coefficient measuring instrument for realizing vacuum insulation and thickness measurement function

The invention provides a protective heat flow meter method thermal conductivity coefficient measuring instrument for realizing the vacuum insulation and thickness measurement function. A test stack body of the measuring instrument comprises a hot plate and a cold plate, wherein a heating film is clamped between the hot plate and a hot plate fixed seat; and the cold plate is similar to the hot plate in structure. A vacuum system consists of a vacuum box, a vacuum pump, a sealing gasket and a sealing bottom plate; and the vacuum insulation function can be realized through the vacuum pump. A thickness measurement module consists of a displacement sensor capable of outputting an electric displacement signal; the displacement signal enters a controller and realizes the function of automatically measuring the thickness of a test piece; and the whole instrument is measured and controlled by a computer. The protective heat flow meter method thermal conductivity coefficient measuring instrument has the beneficial effects that the influence of environment on measurement stability is avoided through a vacuum chamber; meanwhile, the thickness of the test piece is automatically measured to avoid the personal error caused by manual measurement; and the measuring repeatability, the accuracy and the degree of automation of the instrument are improved. The protective heat flow meter method thermal conductivity coefficient measuring instrument can be widely applied to manufacturing enterprises of heat insulation and heat preservation materials, related quality inspection departments and units, institutes of higher learning, research institutes and other scientific research units.

Condensation heat-transfer experiment device capable of realizing coupling of natural circulation and forced circulation

InactiveCN103196945AImprove accuracyObserve the water qualityMaterial heat developmentVisibilityCoupling
The invention provides a condensation heat-transfer experiment device capable of realizing the coupling of natural circulation and forced circulation. The condensation heat-transfer experiment device mainly comprises a steam supply system, an air supply system, a helium gas supply system, a natural circulation cooling system, a forced circulation cooling system, a condensing experiment body and a data measurement and acquisition system. The non-condensable gas containing extra-steam-pipe external condensation heat transfer experiment research under natural circulation and forced circulation cooling conditions and the experiment research on the heat extraction and flow characteristics of a natural circulation system under the conditions that the heating power is stable and changed can be realized. The device can monitor the experiment data in real time and continuously measure the condensation characteristics under different mixed gas compositions, and therefore, the device carries out measurement accurately and carries out data processing rapidly. In addition, the degree of visibility of a whole system is extremely high; and through the observation on experimental phenomena, the understanding on experimental processes and the in-depth study on heat transfer and flow mechanisms are facilitated.

Device for measuring sample thermo-physical property in situ

The invention discloses a device for measuring the sample thermo-physical property in situ, comprising a reaction kettle internally provided with a tested sample, a gas supply system for providing a gas source for the reaction kettle, a temperature control system for maintaining the reaction temperature in the reaction kettle, a hydraulic driving system connected with the reaction kettle and a measurement and control acquisition system connected with the reaction kettle and used for testing the thermo-physical property of the sample, wherein a background material of which the thermal conductivity is less than that of the tested sample is arranged at the bottom inside a barrel of the reaction kettle, and the measurement and control acquisition system comprises a thermo-physical test probe which is inserted between the tested sample and the background material. By adopting a single-side test structure of the thermo-physical test probe, the thermo-physical property test to different samples can be carried out, and the test speed is fast; the thermo-physical property parameters of the sample under different temperatures and pressures can be measured as the temperature and the pressure are respectively regulated; the reaction extent test is carried out according to the change of the thermo-physical property parameters during the chemical reaction; and the system has definite functions of all parts, favorable upgradability and expandability as well as wide adaptability.
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