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> The stable state of an electron in an atom is its lowest possible energy level, but an electron can be in a higher energy level for a while. Eventually it can drop to a lower energy level, which releases a photon. They make it sound as if the atom generates energy out of nothing.

Re-writeable optical element and a display, reflector and backlight incorporating the same

An optical element (22) comprises a material (27) thermally switchable between a first stable state and a second stable state different from the first state and a switching mechanism (28a-28c) for switching one or more selected areas of the material (27) between the first state and the second state thereby to change the transmissivity of one or more selected areas of the optical element (22). The optical element may be placed in an optical path through another component such as, for example, a display (21), reflector or backlight, such that the optical element may be controlled to change the optical properties of the component. The properties that may be changed include, but are not limited to, the display mode of a display (21), viewing angle range, brightness / luminance, and colour. For example, if the element is substantially non-transmissive for one state of the thermally switchable material, the thermally switchable material may be arranged to provide a parallax barrier, in one state. Thus a display (21) may be switched between a directional display mode, for example a 3D-mode or multi-view display mode, and a conventional 2-D display mode by putting the thermally switchable material into its appropriate state—when the thermally switchable material is put into the non-transmissive state the parallax barrier is enabled, and when the thermally switchable is put into another state the parallax barrier is disabled.

Dynamic power coordination control method for battery energy storage system

InactiveCN102570489AGuaranteed energy storageStrong ability to resist load disturbanceFlexible AC transmissionAc network load balancingFrequency stabilizationConstant power
The invention discloses a dynamic power coordination control method for a battery energy storage system. The battery energy storage system comprises a plurality of power converters which supply power to a load and are connected in parallel for operation, and is characterized in that: the power converters connected in parallel for operation are divided into two types, and a master-slave control scheme is adopted, wherein one type comprises only one power converter which adopts a constant voltage constant frequency control mode and is called a master node, and the power converters of the other type adopt a constant power mode with a slight droop characteristic, and serve as slave nodes; generally, a power converter with a high capacity is selected to be the only one master node which is specified by an upper-layer monitoring system, and all the other power converters are the slave nodes; and under a stable state condition, active power and reactive power output by the power converters which serve as the slave nodes are set by a power instruction transmitted by the monitoring system, and the output power of the power converter which serves as the master node is dynamically regulated according to a load condition. The method adopting the master-slave control scheme has the advantages that: on the premise of sufficient power capacity, both the voltage stability and frequency stability of a micro-grid system are easily achieved, anti-load disturbance capability is high, and failure recovery time is short.
Owner:中国南方电网有限责任公司调峰调频发电公司 +2
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