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Product by process is an online compilation of processes , material and interesting stories about products. Product by process is an attempt to go beyond the polished products and objects that surround us and take a look at how they are manufactured and recycled.

Process for preparing composite enzyme and product thereof

A compound ferment production process and a product thereof are applicable to the technical field of foods. The formulation of the product comprises fruit vegetable ferment raw juice, plant ferment raw juice, corn ferment, peas ferment and multielement alditol. The production process comprises the following: a step of preparing fruit vegetable ferment liquid, during which, selecting and cutting fresh fruits and vegetables into slices or pieces, blending the slices or pieces, adding apple vinegar on the slices or the pieces, and storing the fruits and vegetables hermetically at room temperature to prepare the fruit vegetable ferment raw juice through natural fermentation; a step of preparing the plant ferment liquid, during which, selecting, chipping and blending herbal plants, adding common salt into the sliced herbal plants, and storing the sliced herbal plants hermetically at room temperature to prepare the plant ferment raw juice through natural fermentation; and a step of fermentation and product processing, during which, taking the fruit vegetable ferment raw juice, the plant ferment raw juice, the corn ferment and the peas ferment, carrying out the second fermentation at room temperature, adding the multielement alditol during the second fermentation, using a sealed jar during the fermentation, preparing the compound ferment product after a postmaturation process, and preparing the liquid, powdery and solid particle ferment through mechanical processing and forming. The process and the product thereof which have a novel and scientific design and long-term maturation through the natural fermentation can increase the vitality of the ferment, facilitate the demand of a human body and improve the health of the human body through frequent edibility.

Long fibre nonwoven wallpaper base stock and preparation method thereof, and nonwoven wallpaper prepared by the same

The invention relates to a non-woven wall paper, in particular to a long fiber non-woven wall paper raw paper and the preparation method and the non-woven wall paper prepared in the method. The long fiber non-woven wall paper raw paper comprises fiber pulp material and adhesive agent, wherein the fiber pulp material comprise wood pulp fiber and functional fiber, the weight proportion between the wood pulp fiber and the functional fiber adopts 0 to 95 percent to 5 to 100 percent, and the adhesive agent occupies 1 to 10 percent of the total weight of the raw paper; the functional fiber at least contains a functional fiber which fineness is 0.8 to 25 D, and which length is 15 to 60 mm. The surface of the wall paper in the invention presents natural stripes, the outer appearance is artistic, and further treatment is not required. Simultaneously, during the wall paper product processing, no shrinkage and moist feeling occur, the paper uncover is complete, and the paper flexibility is good. The wall paper product adopting flame-resistant fiber can be burnt on the fire source, the fire is extinguished after leaving the fire source, and the non-woven wall paper has a good flame-resistant performance.
Owner:浙江凯恩新材料有限公司 +1

Method for detecting diameter of outer wall of tapered case of aviation engine on line

The invention discloses a method for detecting the diameter of an outer wall of a tapered case of an aviation engine on line. According to the method, a five-coordinate numerical control milling center with a Renishaw MP10 trigger-type measuring head is equipped, tapered case parts and a mounting seat on the surface of a tapered case are equipped; a fine adjustment ring gauge of the used measuring head is measured on line; a point contact-type measurement mode is adopted; a machine tool siemens control system Sinumeric 840 D on-line measurement technology is adopted; and an on-line measurement quick tool path amendment and error compensation generation technology is adopted. The method has a broad application prospect; and by the on-line measurement technology, a numerically-controlled machine tool is impelled to form a machining and detecting integrated numerical control machining unit. By the method, the traditional manufacturing mode that a design characteristic is equipped with a set of measurement tool in the current industry is changed, the manufacturing cost of the tool is saved, repair labor-hour is saved, and first-pass yield of product processing is improved, so that the development period and the production cost of new products are reduced.

Rotary disk type air jet impact drying machine

The invention belongs to the technical field of agricultural product processing, and particularly relates to a rotary disk type air jet impact drying machine. The rotary disk type air jet impact drying machine comprises an air flow circulation system, a rotary disk system, a weighing system and an automatic control system. In the drying process, hot air flow with certain pressure is jetted into a drying chamber (23) through an adjustable strip-shaped air flow jet (38), multiple layers of round material racks (6) evenly distributed in the drying chamber (23) in the axial direction of a rotary material shaft (8) carry a material disk (7) to rotate in the horizontal plane, the rotary disk system can conduct drying in a rotation speed changing and rotation mode changing mode and the weighing system can indicate the drying condition of materials. The rotary disk type air jet impact drying machine solves the problems that an existing air jet impact drying machine is limited in carrying capacity, hard to meet the drying requirements of batch agricultural materials and high in manufacturing cost, and air flow adjustment is inconvenient; meanwhile, the rotary disk type air jet impact drying machine can realize the batch-type drying process of drying-tempering-drying-tempering, improve the drying efficiency, and lower the running energy consumption of the rotary disk system, and is high in automation degree and good in material adaptability.

Preserved meat and pickling method thereof

ActiveCN103610088AGuarantee the traditional qualityRich cured meatFood ingredient as flavour affecting agentFood preparationLean meatAdditive ingredient
The invention relates to the technical field of animal product processing and in particular relates to preserved meat and a pickling method of the preserved meat. The preserved meat is obtained by pickling pork by using edible salt, white spirit, peppers, anises, cloves, tea, white sugar and nitrate. The pickling method comprises the steps of (1) pretreatment; (2) immersing;(3) salt frying and pickling; (4) air-drying; (5) fumigation-drying; (6) cooling; and (7) package. According to the preserved meat and the pickling method of the preserved meat, the using amount of pickling ingredients is small, so that the conventional flavor and the color of the preserved meat are guaranteed; the preserved meat is brown, transparent and shiny, is the same in reality as in appearance and smells delicious; the good smell can be kept for a long time; the preserved meat is tender and fat but not greasy; furthermore, the pickling flavor is strong; lean is kermesinus, and fat is milk white; meanwhile, the salt content is only 1.6-2 percent; people do not feel seriously thirsty after eating the preserved meat. The preserved meat is immersed in boiled tea water, so that the meat has natural, fresh, cool and pleasant tea flavor; fumigation is executed by combusting tea tree branches, so that the natural tea fragrance of the preserved meat is enhanced.

Ore coarse crushing device for mineral product processing

The invention discloses an ore coarse crushing device for mineral processing, which comprises a bottom plate, a left vertical plate and a right vertical plate are vertically and fixedly installed on the bottom plate, a limit slideway is vertically arranged on the top plate, and the vertical limit slideway is vertically The sliding type is equipped with a sliding rod, and a transmission rod is connected between the sliding rod and the runner. The piston head is connected with a piston rod extending to the left to the outside of the water-drawing sleeve. The left end of the piston rod is fixed with a push plate. There is a nozzle connected to the water-drawing sleeve through the liquid outlet pipe; the structure of the invention is ingenious and the design is reasonable, and the ore in the crushing tank is broken through the up and down reciprocating motion of the impact block, and the left and right reciprocating motion of the crushing tank makes the ore evenly spread on the ground. The bottom of the crushing tank makes the ore get a comprehensive impact crushing effect and improves the crushing efficiency of the ore; the nozzle sprays water intermittently into the crushing tank to reduce the dust generated during the crushing process of the ore, avoiding the spread of dust, and more Environmental friendly.

Acidolysis method of magnesium-containing phosphate rock

The invention discloses an acidolysis method of magnesium-containing phosphate rock. The method provided by the invention is characterized by comprising the following steps of: carrying out acidolysis on the magnesium-containing phosphate rock to obtain a water-soluble calcium, magnesium and phosphoric acid containing acidolysis solution, carrying out acidolysis on the phosphate rock by using the generated phosphoric acid to generate Ca(H2PO4)2.H2O solid, performing a reaction between H2SO4 and water-soluble calcium to generate high-pureness calcium sulfate whisker, and performing a reaction between water-soluble magnesium and phosphor in the acidolysis solution and NH3 to generate character separation magnesium ions of a MgNH4PO4 solid so as to realize complete high-efficiency comprehensive utilization of the acidolyzed magnesium-containing phosphate rock. The focus of the invention is to change magnesium ions into controllable parameters which are beneficial to circulation of the acidolysis solution. The magnesium-containing phosphate rock can be efficiently utilized, and also the compound magnesium ammonium phosphate can be used to realize the separation of phosphor magnesium from a circulation medium HCl or HNO3 or CaCL, Ca(NO3)2, thus realizing the combination and combined production with a present ammonium phosphate and phosphor product processing technology. The method provided by the invention has advantages of concise technology, less investment, low energy consumption, low cost, high benefit and no discharge of ''three wastes (waste gas, wastewater and industrial residue)'', and fully presents great business value and great resource value of the high magnesium-containing phosphate rock.
Owner:武善东 +1

Flat plate type vacuum pulsation drying machine

The invention belongs to the technical field of agriculture product processing, and particularly relates to a flat plate type vacuum pulsation drying machine. The flat plate type vacuum pulsation drying machine comprises a machine body, a control unit, a material drying unit and a pulsation vacuum unit, wherein the material drying unit is provided with multiple layers of material shelves. According to the flat plate type vacuum pulsation drying machine disclosed by the invention, a heating part adopts special electric heating plates, so that the processing is simple and convenient, the cost is low, the heating temperature is uniform, and the manufacturing cost, the using cost and the maintaining cost of the drying machine are greatly reduced; through a hierarchical control mode, corresponding heating plates can be opened according to actual processing amount, so that the energy consumption is reduced; meanwhile, soft material trays are adopted, so that the contact conditions between the material trays and the heating plates are remarkably improved, the quality of dried products can be effectively ensured, and the problem that the soft material trays are inconvenient to move is overcome by using a dedicated material tray shovel to assemble and disassemble the material trays; in addition, the flat plate type vacuum pulsation drying machine belongs to static drying, the breakage of materials cannot be caused; the processing and loading capacity of equipment can be effectively increased by virtue of a multi-layer structure.

Double-layer belt line provided with jacking module and operating method thereof

The invention discloses a double-layer belt line provided with jacking module and an operating method thereof. A support in a shape of a Chinese character 'ri' is arranged at two ends of the belt line respectively, the two supports in the shapes of the Chinese characters 'ri' are placed oppositely, and belt line bodies are erected at the positions of two cross beams connected with the upper portions of the supports in the shapes of the Chinese characters 'ri' to form a double-layer belt line structure. The double-layer belt line comprises an upper-layer belt conveying line and a lower-layer belt conveying line, wherein the upper-layer belt conveying line is used for conveying trays loaded with products and enabling the trays loaded with the products to be moved to the tail portion of the line, and the lower-layer belt conveying line is used for conveying the empty trays back to the head portion of the line. The jacking module connected with the trays is arranged under the trays, and an extensible device is arranged on the jacking module, and the trays can be upwards jacked up or put down. Two sensors and two stoppers are arranged on the upper-layer belt conveying line of the double-layer belt line, and the phenomenon that mutual bump of the trays influences product processing can be avoided. Intelligent belt line design is adopted, so that product processing is smooth, and the working efficiency of the whole belt line is improved.

Tracking system and method of dairy product supply chain information based on Internet of Things

InactiveCN102722850ASolve the problem that the visualization of supply chain information cannot be truly realizedEnsure food quality and safetyData processing applicationsCo-operative working arrangementsThe InternetWireless sensor networking
The invention provides tracking system and method of dairy product supply chain information based on the Internet of Things. The system comprises a plurality of subsystems connected with each other through a network. The subsystems include a dairy cow farming subsystem, a raw milk production subsystem, a dairy product processing subsystem, a distribution subsystem, a sale subsystem and a tracking subsystem. The farming subsystem is used for acquiring and recording farming information of dairy cows. The production subsystem is used for acquiring and recording production information of raw milk. The processing subsystem is used for acquiring and recording processing information of dairy products. The distribution subsystem is used for acquiring and recording distribution information of the dairy products. The sale subsystem is used for acquiring and recording sale information of the dairy products. The tracking subsystem is used for collecting information related to aspects of farming, production, distribution, sale and the like and receiving search requests and returning to search results including upstream and/or downstream information. The bar code technology, RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, EPC (electronic product code) technology, wireless sensor network technology and GPS (global position system) technology are utilized to realize visualization of the dairy product supply chain information.
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