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Sand-in-water colorful imitation stone paint

The invention discloses sand-in-water colorful imitation stone paint. The invention provides sand-in-water colorful imitation stone paint which has a thick coating, high bonding strength, good water resistance, ageing resistance and good storage stability and is a technical progress in the paint industry. The paint is prepared by preparing a crosslinking agent, a dispersing agent, cellulose, a defoaming agent, bactericide, a pH (potential of hydrogen) regulator, a thickening agent, an antifreezing agent, a film formation assistant, a setting agent, titanium dioxide, colored sand and emulsion into a protection glue solution, base paint and a continuous phase and mixing the protection glue solution, the base paint and the continuous phase uniformly. In the paint, the crosslinking agent is an elastomer and nano gel with high grade of transparency, high viscosity and high thixotropy; after the colored sand is added to the paint, colored particle hardness of the paint is adjustable; the paint is suitable for various colors and patterns; and the paint has the advantages of good storage stability, no color bleeding, high possibility of granulation, good water resistance, lasting weatherability, crack resistance high stone imitation degree, simple construction, low cost and workhour saving.
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