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Environmental-protection anti-corrosive heat-dissipation powder paint, and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses an environmental-protection anti-corrosive heat-dissipation powder paint, and a preparation method and application thereof. The environmental-protection anti-corrosive heat-dissipation powder paint comprises the following raw materials in parts by weight: 40-90 parts of matrix resin, 2-40 parts of curing agent, 0.5-10 parts of carbon nanotube, 0.5-2 parts of additive, 0-4.5 parts of hexagonal boron nitride, 0-15 parts of aluminum nitride, 0-10 parts of magnesium nitride, 0-10 parts of silicon carbide and 5-30 parts of pigment and filler. The composition and proportioning of the raw materials of the powder paint disclosed by the invention are scientific and reasonable. The experimental result indicates that the powder paint has the advantages of favorable heat-dissipation effect, high efficacy enhancement rate (higher than 60%) and favorable cooling effect (more than 20 DEG C), and can effectively solve the problem of poor heat-dissipation effect in the high-power electronic product, thereby prolonging the service life of the electronic product. The powder paint disclosed by the invention is free of organic solvent, and is environment-friendly and safe; the powder paint disclosed by the invention also has favorable comprehensive properties, such as flexibility, hardness, adhesive force and the like, and stable chemical properties; and the coating formed by the powder paint has the advantages of high corrosion resistance and shock resistance, favorable insulation property and wide application range.

Aquosity bi-component polyurethane coloured paint and method of manufacturing the same

The invention discloses a two-component waterborne polyurethane colored paint and the preparation method. The components of the paint are 5 to 15 water, 0.2 to 0.5 dispersant, 0.1 to 0.3 antifoamer, 0.1 to 0.3 wetting agent, 3 to 25 paints, 0 to 50 fillers, 10 to 80 film forming resins, 0 to 5 film forming additives, 0.1 to 0.3 disinfectant, 0.1 to 0.3 antiflash rust agent, 0.5 to 2 thickeners, 1 to 20 hydrophilically-modified polyisocyanate. The preparation method is that water, dispersant, antifoamer, wetting agent, paints and fillers are dispersed evenly by a sand mill, a ball mill or a high-speed stirrer after stirring, and are added with film forming resins, film forming additives, disinfectant, antiflash rust agent and thickeners to gain the product-component A. The hydrophilically-modified polyisocyanate is component B. The component A and component B are mixed uniformly when using. The invention is characterized in that the invention does not adopt organic solvents, does not contain toxic paints and has no harm on the human body and environment, and the properties can reach the solvent two-component polyurethane paint, which can be produced to the primer, intermediate coat and finishing coat, and can be applied in the surface of the wooden ware, cement and metals.

Oil resistant (solvent), heatproof static conducting anti-corrosive paint and preparation thereof

The invention belongs to the corrosion protective coating technique field and provides an oil resistance (solvent) and temperature resistance electrostatic conducting corrosion protective coating and a preparation method thereof. The coating is mainly made by raw components by weight percentage of 20-35 percent of resinI which is used as basic material, 0-15 percent of modified resin II, 15-30 percent of conductive fillers, 1-3 percent of coupling agent, 8-20 percent of fillers, 10-15 percent of solvent, 2-10 percent of plasticizer, 0.5-1 percent of defoamer, 0.5-1 percent of flatting agent and 6-15 percent of curing agent. The coating is prepared according to the following steps: the resin I, the modified resin II, the coupling agent, the plasticizer, the flatting agent and the defoamer are put in a distributing tank. And part of mixed solvent is added to be stirred and distributed uniformly. The fillers are added proportionally and are put in a sand mill for sand milling after being dispersed and stirred uniformly at high speed, so as to obtain upper grinding pigment paste. The conductive fillers and the rest mixed solvent are added at low stirring speed. The conductive fillers are totally blended into the upper grinding pigment paste and stirring is carried out at middle speed, the viscosity is adjusted to be qualified and the fillers are filtered to obtain a qualified component A product. The curing agent is carried out subpackage according to proportion.

Waterproof/sealing paint with aqueous resin as main body

The invention discloses a waterproof/sealing paint with an aqueous resin as the main body. The aqueous resin is a formula resin which is prepared according to a patent of the applicant of the invention, the aqueous resin and an aqueous hardener are dispersed in an emulsion, and the obtained material which is coated on surfaces of buildings, timbers, rattan articles or metals becomes hard to form a hard and waterproof film after water is evaporated and the aqueous resin penetrates the surface of above objects. The extremely good durability and the extremely waterproof performance are reached, and the exudation of impurities in the objects is sealed, so the influence of the exudation of the impurities in the objects to a next step japanning of the objects is avoided. Compared with general waterproof paints and sealing coats, the waterproof/sealing paint of the invention simultaneously has the functions of waterproof paints and sealing paints, the waterproof/sealing paint which is an aqueous system can be diluted with water, and the waterproof/sealing paint which contains an extremely small amount of organic solvents contains no formaldehyde and no toluene, so the waterproof/sealing paint which has the advantages of environment protection and low usage cost avoids the cost of solvents for diluting the waterproof/sealing paint. The waterproof/sealing paint can be applied to various objects of interior walls and exterior walls of buildings, timbers, metals, rattan articles, paper, various handicrafts and the like.

Micro-nano coating material with low surface energy and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN106085070AEasy to control surface topographyEasy to control the size of the surface energyPolyurea/polyurethane coatingsPowdery paintsEtchingMicrosphere
The invention belongs to the technical field of functional materials, and particularly relates to a micro-nano coating material with low surface energy and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps of mixing composite microspheres with micro sodium structure and hydrophobic nature, matrix resin with contact angle more than 90 degrees with coating film, solvent, powder, and additive, and adopting a co-mixing method, an in-situ emulsion polymerizing method, an in-situ solution polymerizing method, an in-situ concentration and polymerizing method, an in-situ addition and polymerizing method and the like, so as to prepare the coating material with micro-nano structure; performing spraying, brushing, roll coating, photo-etching, 3D (three-dimensional) printing, mechanical processing and the like, drying and curing at the temperature of 0 to 1000 DEG C, and coating the coating material with micro-nano structure onto different matrix surfaces, so as to obtain the micro-nano coating material with low surface energy and groove structure. The micro-nano coating material has the advantages that the preparation technology is simple, the coating hardness is high, the water-resistant property is good, the adhesion force to different matrix surfaces is strong, and the micro-nano coating material can be used for self-cleaning, resistance-reducing, denoising, anti-icing and other functional materials.

Wear-resisting super-hydrophobic coating composition as well as preparation method and application thereof

InactiveCN107987675AImprove protectionLong-term effective superhydrophobic propertiesLiquid surface applicatorsPolyurea/polyurethane coatingsMicro nanoNanoparticle
The invention relates to a wear-resisting super-hydrophobic coating composition as well as a preparation method and application thereof. The composition is prepared from a nano-material dispersion solution and a binding material dispersion solution. The nano-material dispersion solution is prepared by mixing a nanoparticle material, a hydrophobic silane coupling agent and a volatile solvent, wherein nanoparticles form a rough structure with a micro-nano dual scale through a mutual effect of the nanoparticles and the structure is dispersed in the solution of the hydrophobic silane coupling agent; the hydrophobic silane coupling agent has one or more groups and covalent bond connection is formed by the hydrophobic silane coupling agent and the micro-nano dual rough structure; meanwhile, thewear-resisting super-hydrophobic coating composition at least contains one hydrophobic group. A super-hydrophobic coating layer formed by the super-hydrophobic coating composition keeps a long-term effective super-hydrophobic property; the coating composition adopts a binding material so that the binding force between a super-hydrophobic structure and a matrix is enhanced and the protection effectof the coating layer is enhanced; a processing technology of the super-hydrophobic coating layer is simple and convenient and large-area construction is facilitated.
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