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Stainless steel liquid polishing paste and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses stainless steel liquid polishing paste and a preparation method thereof. The polishing paste comprises wax, fatty acid, an emulsifier, a surface active agent, oil, a grinding material, additives and deionized water. The preparation method comprises the following steps: sequentially adding the wax, the fatty acid, the emulsifier, the oil and the additives into a thermostatic container with 80 to 90 DEG C under a stirring condition, stirring, completely dissolving to obtain a mixed solution; adding the surface active agent and the deionized water into another container, heating and stirring, and completely dissolving to obtain a surface active agent solution; slowly adding the surface active agent solution into the mixed solution, continuously stirring for 20 to 40 minutes at the temperature of 80 to 90 DEG C, and emulsifying; adding the deionized water to the grinding material to prepare a grinding material suspension; slowly adding the grinding material suspension, stirring, cooling, and then stirring for 30 to 50 minutes at a high speed to obtain a product. The polishing paste is used for mechanically polishing stainless steel, so that good surface quality and high glossiness can be obtained; moreover, a polished workpiece is simple to wash. The preparation method is simple in process and easy to operate and can produce a high-quality product.

Preparation method of waterborne alkyd enamel

InactiveCN104497819AFast dryingHigh glossMagnetic paintsAnti-corrosive paintsSkin agentSolvent
The invention discloses a preparation method of waterborne alkyd enamel. The preparation method comprises the following components in percentage by mass: 45%-55% of waterborne alkyd resin, 10%-15% of rutile type titanium dioxide, 0.3%-1% of carbon black, 10%-15% of precipitated barium sulphate, 0.2%-0.5% of a waterborne dispersing agent, 0.1%-0.2% of a waterborne antifoaming agent, 0.1%-0.2% of a waterborne foam inhibitor, 1%-2% of hydrated magnesium silicate, 0.8%-1.2% of waterborne drier, 0.2%-0.4% of a waterborne anti-skinning agent, 0.5%-1% of a water-based thickener, 2%-4% of a neutralizer, 2%-4% of a hydrotropy agent, 2%-4% of a coalescing agent, 0.1%-0.2% of a waterborne flatting agent and 8%-9.6% of deionized water. The method comprises the following technological steps: stirring the waterborne alkyd resin evenly, and testing and adjusting the pH value; diluting the foam inhibitor with the deionized water, then adding to a production cylinder, stirring, and adding the rutile type titanium dioxide and the like, dispersing and then grinding; adding a compound drier and the like, and stirring; adjusting the viscosity with the deionized water; and adjusting the pH value of the product with the neutralizer. The waterborne alkyd enamel has the advantages of being high in drying rate, high in glossiness, excellent in weather fastness, excellent in salt water resistance, and free of a blistering or rusting phenomenon after being soaked in a 3% sodium chloride solution for 480 hours.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic lighting fixture shell and processing technology thereof

ActiveCN102675846ALong-lasting anti-aging propertiesHigh glossProtective devices for lightingCorrosionAluminium alloy
The invention relates to a glass fiber reinforced plastic lighting fixture shell, belonging to the technical field of outdoor lighting fixture processing. According to the processing technology disclosed by the invention, organic glass fiber reinforced plastic substitutes for aluminium, aluminium alloy or magnesium alloy material, wherein the organic glass fiber reinforced plastic comprises the following raw material components: unsaturated polyester resin, polyester gel coat resin, roving checked cloth, a chopped fiber felt, a surface mat, a curing agent, an accelerating agent, a demoulding agent and a thin film. The processing technology of the glass fiber reinforced plastic lighting fixture shell comprises the following steps of: automatically inspecting a construction site, carrying out pre-treatment on a mould, selecting a reinforcing material, cutting the reinforcing material, selecting a polyester resin glue solution, preparing the polyester resin glue solution, carrying out gel coat construction, pasting, solidifying, and carrying out product inspection, thus the glass fiber reinforced plastic lighting fixture shell is obtained. The glass fiber reinforced plastic lighting fixture shell product disclosed by the invention has the advantages of corrosion resistance, flame retardance, light weight, high strength, ageing resistance, strong designability, safety, skid resistance, excellent electrical property, no magnetic property and safety in use in anti-electromagnetic anti-knock environment.
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