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Aqueous fire-proof corrosion-proof paint for steel structure and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN104130638ATaking into account fire resistanceCompatible with anti-corrosionFireproof paintsAnti-corrosive paintsPtru catalystFoaming agent
The invention discloses aqueous fire-proof corrosion-proof paint for a steel structure and a preparation method thereof, and belongs to the technical field of paint. The aqueous fire-proof corrosion-proof paint comprises, by mass, 20-45% of a composite emulsion, 12-25% of a charring catalyst, 6-12% of a foaming agent, 8-17% of a charring agent, 5-10% of a fire retardant, 1-5% of layered double hydroxide, 8-18% of an corrosion-proof filling material, 4-12% of a strengthening filling material, 1-5% of modified nano-powder, 0.5-6% of an assistant and 10-30% of water. Through use of the composite modified emulsion as a base material, coating flame resistance, corrosion resistance and decorativeness are obtained and coating defects caused by a single emulsion as a base material are overcome. Through use of a small amount of the nano-powder, the coating is compact because of filling effects of the nano-powder, the coating corrosion caused by O2, H2O and Cl <-> is avoided, good fire-proof and corrosion-proof effects are obtained under the condition of a small addition amount and a cost is reduced. The aqueous fire-proof corrosion-proof paint has the characteristics of green environmental protection and simple preparation processes.

Grapheme-organic material layered assembling film and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a graphene-organic material layered assembly film and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises: using a graphene material and an organic material as raw materials, utilizing interaction of static electricity, hydrogen bonds, coordinate bonds or charge transfer and the like between the graphene and the organic material, and superposing films layer by layer through the film preparation methods such as spin coating, spraying, dipping, lifting and pulling and the like to prepare the film, wherein the thickness of each layer of the film can be controlled between 10 nanometers and 2 millimeters according to requirement. The layered assembly film and the preparation method have the characteristics that multilayer film materials with different functions are prepared by utilizing unique electric, magnetic, mechanical and chemical properties of the grapheme, and can be used as biomaterials, conductive materials, electromagnetic shielding and wave absorbing materials, photovoltaic materials, electrode materials, film filtering and separating materials, and the like to be applied to chemistry and chemical industry, biology and precision instruments, and manufacture of micro electrons, machinery and aviation and aerospace devices according to the selected different organic materials.

Environmental-protection anti-corrosive heat-dissipation powder paint, and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses an environmental-protection anti-corrosive heat-dissipation powder paint, and a preparation method and application thereof. The environmental-protection anti-corrosive heat-dissipation powder paint comprises the following raw materials in parts by weight: 40-90 parts of matrix resin, 2-40 parts of curing agent, 0.5-10 parts of carbon nanotube, 0.5-2 parts of additive, 0-4.5 parts of hexagonal boron nitride, 0-15 parts of aluminum nitride, 0-10 parts of magnesium nitride, 0-10 parts of silicon carbide and 5-30 parts of pigment and filler. The composition and proportioning of the raw materials of the powder paint disclosed by the invention are scientific and reasonable. The experimental result indicates that the powder paint has the advantages of favorable heat-dissipation effect, high efficacy enhancement rate (higher than 60%) and favorable cooling effect (more than 20 DEG C), and can effectively solve the problem of poor heat-dissipation effect in the high-power electronic product, thereby prolonging the service life of the electronic product. The powder paint disclosed by the invention is free of organic solvent, and is environment-friendly and safe; the powder paint disclosed by the invention also has favorable comprehensive properties, such as flexibility, hardness, adhesive force and the like, and stable chemical properties; and the coating formed by the powder paint has the advantages of high corrosion resistance and shock resistance, favorable insulation property and wide application range.

Fiber-reinforced high-temperature-resistant thermal insulation and heat preserving ceramic coating and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN102464933ADelivery barrierHigh surface strength of the coatingEpoxy resin coatingsCeramic coatingThermal insulation
The invention relates to a high-temperature-resistant thermal insulation and heat preserving ceramic coating and a preparation method thereof. The coating is prepared from the following raw materials in percentage by weight: 30-50 percent of film forming substance, 30-40 percent of high-temperature-resistant filler, 10-15 percent of hollow micro beads, 2-5 percent of thermal insulation fiber and 2-8 percent of aid and solvent. The coating has the toughness of an organic coating and the rigidity and hardness of an inorganic coating, has high adhesion, can be used at the high temperature of 400-1,200 DEG C for a long time, and is resistant to chemical reagents, acids, alkalis and oil. A coating film has high surface intensity, and can bear strong shear force without being damaged when a high-temperature pipeline is required to be connected mechanically. The coating has excellent heat preserving performance, and the surface temperature of a pipeline of 350 DEG C can be lowered to be below 100 DEG C by coating the coating outside the pipeline in the thickness of 4-6 millimeters. The coating can be widely applied to heat-resistant protection of the inner and outer surfaces of equipment such as high-temperature steam pipelines, metallurgy high-temperature furnaces, high-temperature valves, high-temperature containers and the like.

Oil resistant (solvent), heatproof static conducting anti-corrosive paint and preparation thereof

The invention belongs to the corrosion protective coating technique field and provides an oil resistance (solvent) and temperature resistance electrostatic conducting corrosion protective coating and a preparation method thereof. The coating is mainly made by raw components by weight percentage of 20-35 percent of resinI which is used as basic material, 0-15 percent of modified resin II, 15-30 percent of conductive fillers, 1-3 percent of coupling agent, 8-20 percent of fillers, 10-15 percent of solvent, 2-10 percent of plasticizer, 0.5-1 percent of defoamer, 0.5-1 percent of flatting agent and 6-15 percent of curing agent. The coating is prepared according to the following steps: the resin I, the modified resin II, the coupling agent, the plasticizer, the flatting agent and the defoamer are put in a distributing tank. And part of mixed solvent is added to be stirred and distributed uniformly. The fillers are added proportionally and are put in a sand mill for sand milling after being dispersed and stirred uniformly at high speed, so as to obtain upper grinding pigment paste. The conductive fillers and the rest mixed solvent are added at low stirring speed. The conductive fillers are totally blended into the upper grinding pigment paste and stirring is carried out at middle speed, the viscosity is adjusted to be qualified and the fillers are filtered to obtain a qualified component A product. The curing agent is carried out subpackage according to proportion.

Wear-resisting super-hydrophobic coating composition as well as preparation method and application thereof

InactiveCN107987675AImprove protectionLong-term effective superhydrophobic propertiesLiquid surface applicatorsPolyurea/polyurethane coatingsMicro nanoNanoparticle
The invention relates to a wear-resisting super-hydrophobic coating composition as well as a preparation method and application thereof. The composition is prepared from a nano-material dispersion solution and a binding material dispersion solution. The nano-material dispersion solution is prepared by mixing a nanoparticle material, a hydrophobic silane coupling agent and a volatile solvent, wherein nanoparticles form a rough structure with a micro-nano dual scale through a mutual effect of the nanoparticles and the structure is dispersed in the solution of the hydrophobic silane coupling agent; the hydrophobic silane coupling agent has one or more groups and covalent bond connection is formed by the hydrophobic silane coupling agent and the micro-nano dual rough structure; meanwhile, thewear-resisting super-hydrophobic coating composition at least contains one hydrophobic group. A super-hydrophobic coating layer formed by the super-hydrophobic coating composition keeps a long-term effective super-hydrophobic property; the coating composition adopts a binding material so that the binding force between a super-hydrophobic structure and a matrix is enhanced and the protection effectof the coating layer is enhanced; a processing technology of the super-hydrophobic coating layer is simple and convenient and large-area construction is facilitated.

Process for preparing aqueous resin, aqueous curable resin composition, aqueous paint, and method for formation of coating therefrom

A water-base resin has both excellent storage stability and excellent curability at room temperature, the water base resin being obtained by mixing a composite resin (C) and a polysiloxane (D), bringing about a condensation reaction partially between them if necessary, and thereafter dispersing or dissolving the resulting mixture or partially condensed product into a water-base medium, wherein the composite resin (C) comprises a polysiloxane segment (A) and a polymer segment (B), the polysiloxane segment (A) having at least one silicon atom selected from the group consisting of a silicon atom bearing at least one organic group having a total carbon number of at least 3 together with at least one hydrolyzable group and/or at least one hydroxyl group, a silicon atom bearing one hydrolyzable group or one hydroxyl group together with two groups selected from the group consisting of methyl groups and ethyl groups, and a silicon atom bearing at least one triorganosiloxy group together with at least one hydrolyzable group and/or at least one hydroxyl group, and the polymer segment (B) having at least one type of hydrophilic group selected from the group consisting of an anionic group, a cationic group, and a non-ionic group, and wherein the polysiloxane (D) has a hydrolyzable group bonded to a silicon atom and/or a hydroxyl group bonded to a silicon atom, the polysiloxane (D) having a structure represented by the following structural formula (S-I) as an essential structural unit:(wherein R1 in the formula denotes a methyl group or an ethyl group). A water-base curable resin composition comprising the water-base resin as an essential component produces a cured material which possesses excellent resistance stain during outdoor exposure as well as excellent durability such as acid rain resistance and gloss retention during outdoor exposure.

Environment friendly corrosion protection antistatic coating

The invention discloses environmental protection anti-corrosive antistatic coating, the environmental protection anti-corrosive antistatic coating is characterized in that the coating is composed of a first component and a second component, according to the weight parts, the first component accounts for 500 parts to 1500 parts, and the second component accounts for 150 parts to 500 parts; according to the weight percentage, the first component comprises resin accounting for 20 percent to 50 percent, conductive filler accounting for 10 percent to 40 percent and filler accounting for 15 percentto 35 percent; the surplus is the solvent; the second component is a solidifying system. The coating of the invention is the coating layer structure formed through a reaction, the coating layer structure is an interpenetrating network structure of high molecular polymer, and the interpenetrating network structure is a spatial and multidimensional structure, wherein, each crosslinking point of thestructure is a linkage of a polar group, simultaneously, each crosslinking point is dispersed between the interpenetrating network structure of high molecular polymer and applied with the nanometer filler and the anti-corrosive filler linked with the crosslinking point, to ensure that the firm system structure has high compactness and resistance to wear, and the coating has super resistance to penetration and corrosion resistance.
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