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Flexible packaging structure with a built-in opening and reclose feature, and method for making same

A flexible packaging laminate is formed to have a built-in opening and reclose feature by forming the laminate as a two-part structure having an outer structure joined in face-to-face relation with an inner structure. Score lines are formed in both structures to enable an opening to be formed through the laminate by lifting an opening portion (e.g., a flap or the like) of the two structures out of the plane of the laminate. The score line through the outer structure defines a larger opening than the score line through the inner structure, such that a marginal region of the outer structure extends beyond the edge of the opening portion of the inner structure. A pressure-sensitive adhesive is used to re-adhere the marginal region to an underlying surface of the inner structure adjacent the opening through the laminate.

Water resistant case for electronic devices

The invention is a water resistant case for carrying a variety of devices, particularly portable electronic devices, such as portable music players. The case is allows a user to protect a valuable device from damage by water, abrasion and or impact, yet provides for full use of the features of an individual device while the device is protected by the case. The case is embodied as a water resistant or waterproof bag, or pouch with a window, an interior compartment, an exterior and sealable closures for sealing the storage compartment from the outside environment. The case typically provides a tactile sensitive window for viewing a screen and manipulating the controls of a device. In addition a capability is provided for input and output from the device, such as output to stereo headphones. Other accessory components allow securing the case to a person or vehicle. Thus, there is great flexibility in adaptation of components and adapting the case to particular applications.

Flexible Materials for Flexible Containers

A flexible material for a flexible container can include a first laminate and a second laminate joined to at least a portion of the first laminate by at least one seal. The first laminate can include a first gas barrier layer disposed between first and second sealable layers, wherein the first and second sealable layers define opposed exterior layers of the first laminate. The second laminate can include a third sealable layer defining an exterior layer of the second laminate, and a second gas barrier layer. The at least one seal joins a portion of the third sealable layer to at least a portion of the second sealable layer.

Convertible tote bag

The convertible tote bag of the present invention comprises a container of any width, depth and length that can be either closed or open at the top, with or without exterior or interior pockets, with two carrying straps of adjustable size that are permanently attached on one end on opposite sides of the bag diagonally across from each other. The convertible tote bag can be carried in the hand or on the shoulder when the end of each strap that is not permanently attached to the bag is selectively attached to the attachment mechanism on the same side of the bag. In this invention there are two ways for the convertible tote bag to be worn as a backpack. One way to wear the convertible tote bag as a backpack is to thread the ends of each strap that are not permanently attached to the bag through the rings or apertures attached to the top of the opposite bag wall and extend the straps down the back wall to selectively attach to the attachment mechanisms permanently affixed on the lower part of the back wall of the bag. A second way to wear the convertible tote bag as a backpack is to selectively attach the end of each strap that is not permanently attached to the bag to the attachment mechanism on the opposite side of the bag.
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