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Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof

The invention relates to a semiconductor device comprising: a substrate (1), the substrate (1) comprising a body (5), the body (5) having a surface, the substrate (1) being provided with an insulating layer (10) on the surface of the body (1);—a conductor (25) with insulating sidewall spacers (22) located in the insulating layer (10), the conductor (25) having a current-flow direction during operation, the conductor (25) having a first width, the insulating sidewall spacers (22) each having a second width being smaller than the first width of the conductor (25), the first width and the second width being measured in a direction perpendicular to the current-flow direction of the conductor (25) and parallel to said surface, the conductor (25) having a first top surface extending parallel to said surface, the insulating sidewall spacers (22) having a second top surface, and airgaps (30) located in the insulating layer (10) adjacent to the insulating sidewall spacers (22), characterized in that the first top surface coincides with the second top surface, and in that the airgaps (30) extend from the surface of the body (5) to said first and second top surface. The invention further relates to a method of manufacturing such a semiconductor device. The semiconductor device according to the invention enables a lower resistance of the conductor while still providing a tolerance for unlanded vias.
Owner:NXP BV
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