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Methods and apparatuses for coating balloon catheters

Embodiments of the invention relate to a method and apparatus for coating a medical device. In one embodiment, the method for preparing a substantially uniform coated medical device includes (1) preparing a coating solution comprising a solvent, a therapeutic agent, and an additive; (2) loading a metering dispenser with the coating solution; (3) rotating the medical device about the longitudinal axis of the device and / or moving the medical device along the longitudinal or transverse axis of the device; (4) dispensing the coating solution from the metering dispenser onto a surface of the medical device and flowing the coating solution on the surface of the medical device while the medical device is rotating and / or linearly moving; and (5) evaporating the solvent, forming a substantially uniform coating layer on the medical device.

Flexible sectioned arm with internal overbending-prevention sleeves

A flexible, sectioned plastic arm for a showerhead comprises a series of interconnected ball-and-socket (B&S) sections (10) with a proximal (shower pipe) end piece (12) and a distal (showerhead) end piece (14). Each B&S section has a proximal (cup or socket) end (10S) and a distal (ball) end (10B). The proximal end piece has a proximal end with female threads which can be screwed onto a shower pipe and a ball-shaped distal end for snapping into the socket of the most proximal section of the shower arm. The distal end piece has a proximal end with a socket for snapping onto the most distal end section of the shower arm and a distal end with male threads (12T) which can be screwed onto the showerhead. The arm has a through hole containing a series or chain of cylindrical brass or other metal sections, tubes, or sleeves (16). These prevent the arm from being bent too far, thereby to keep the B&S from separating. The two end tubes abut a pair of respective resilient spacers (18) or springs (18S), which in turn abut shoulders in the end pieces to keep the series of tubes in place. Inside the series of tubes is a flexible plastic tube (20) for carrying the water without leakage. A T-shaped end fitting (20T) is attached to each end of the plastic tube. These end fittings hold the tube in the arm. The top arm of the T of the distal end fitting sits in the bottom of the female threaded end of the proximal end piece. The top arm of the T of the distal end fitting sits on the very end of the male threaded end of the distal end piece.

Method and apparatus for treating the teats of an animal

In an automatic milking installation including a robot arm (2) with a gripper (3) for attaching teat cups (4) to the teats of an animal, e.g. a cow, to be milked, for applying a teat dip to the teats after milking different members, such as spray nozzles (5a, 5b), dipping cups (5c, 5d) and sponge or cloth rollers (5e), are provided for applying different teat dip compositions. Under the control of a computer, the robot arm collects the member (5) appropriate for supplying the selected composition and takes it to a position appropriate for application of that composition. The selection can e effected in dependence upon the teat skin condition, e.g. detected by a camera (15) and / or environmental conditions.

Drip irrigation lines

A drip irrigation line includes a plurality of emitter units secured within a water supply tube such that each emitter unit defines with the tube a flow-control passageway having an inlet port communicating with the interior of the water supply tube and an outlet port communicating with a water discharge opening in the water supply tube. Each emitter unit includes a one-way valve at one of the ports. Such port has an opening circumscribed by a cylindrical boss, and the one-way valve thereat includes a cap having a skirt of elastomeric material normally engaging the outer surface of the cylindrical boss to block reverse water flow into the flow-control passageway, but is deformable under water pressure to permit forward flow from the tube interior into the flow-control passageway.

Apparatus and method for minimizing the generation of particles in ultrapure liquids

A system and method of reducing particle generation in packaging containers used to transport ultra pure liquids. Particle generation in the containers is reduced by reducing the air-liquid interface present during filling, transport, and dispensing of the liquid.

Robotic system for applying surface finishes to large objects

A robotic system for performing surface finishing processes on a large object, is provided, the system includes at least one platform having a connected robot, the robot performing a surface finishing process on the large object. Also included is an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) separable of the platform movable independent of the platform for moving under the platform, lifting up the platform and moving the platform multiple locations along or around the large object to extend a useful working envelope of the robot.

System for the process of coating implantable medical devices

Methods of coating an implantable device and a system for performing such methods are disclosed. An embodiment of the method includes applying a coating substance to the surface of an implantable device, and rotating the implantable device in a centrifuge. The method can uniformly coat the implantable device with the coating substance and to remove unwanted accumulations of coating substance entrained between struts or crevices in the implantable device body. This system is applicable to methods for coating intraluminal stents, synthetic grafts, and stent coverings with therapeutic compositions comprising therapeutic agents mixed with a polymeric matrix and a solvent.

Virtual coatings application system

A virtual coatings application system has several features to enhance the realism of simulated spray painting. The system generally includes a display screen on which is defined a virtual surface (such as a truck door) that is intended to be virtually painted or coated by the user. Alternatively, the system includes a head-mounted display unit that displays a virtual spray painting environment in which the virtual surface is defined. The user operates an instrumented spray gun controller that outputs one or more signals representing data as to the status of the controls on the spray gun controller. The system also has a motion tracking system that tracks the position and orientation of the spray gun controller with respect to the virtual surface. Simulation software generates virtual spray pattern data in response to at least the data from the spray gun controller and the position and orientation data received from the tracking system. Virtual spray pattern images are displayed in real time on the virtual surface in accordance with the accumulation of virtual spray pattern data at each location on the virtual surface.
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