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1915results about "Adjustable joints" patented technology

Flexible joint and long nut for flexible joint

A flexible joint comprises: first cylindrical bodies comprising a pair of spherical ring members; a second cylindrical body comprising a sleeve relatively movably inserted in the first cylindrical bodies from an axial direction X of the second cylindrical body; third cylindrical bodies comprising a pair of casing tubes which are fitted around outer peripheral surfaces of the first cylindrical bodies and are provided with mutually slidable spherical inner peripheral surfaces, the casings being formed at their opposite ends with connecting portions, and being provided at their outer peripheral surfaces of large diameter portions with projections having through holes; and rods capable of being inserted into the through holes formed in the outer peripheral surfaces of the large diameter portions, each of the rods being provided and fixed between the projections of the pair of third cylindrical bodies for restricting the telescopic movement of the tube joint, wherein the rods comprise a pair of rods connected to each other in the vicinity of a substantially central portion between the opposed projections, the pair of rods being threadedly connected to at least one of bottomed holes opened and formed on opposite ends of a long nut which is provided at its substantially central portion with a notched portion so that when excessive external force is applied, the notched portion is preferentially broken to restore telescopic flexible effect of the tube joint.
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