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USB storage device including USB plug with top and bottom terminals

The present invention relates to a USB storage device having a USB plug with top and bottom terminals, connection terminals of the USB plug being provided at both top and bottom sides so that an information terminal apparatus such as a PC, a notebook, an MP3 player and a digital camera, can be inserted in face-down/face-up manners, comprising a main unit and a cover unit, the main unit comprising a USB plug having connection terminals at both sides to be connected to a USB port of the information terminal apparatus to communicate data, and slide rails provided in a longitudinal direction to define a sliding range for rail protrusions of the cover unit; and the cover unit comprising rail protrusions inserted into the slide rails and provided at both ends of the cover unit toward the main unit so that the cover unit can rotatably move along with the slide rail. Therefore, since the USB storage device according to the present invention includes the connection terminals of the USB plug at top and bottom sides, it can be inserted into the information terminal apparatus in a face-down or face-up manner. Further, in the USB storage device according to the present invention, the sliding range for the rail protrusions provided on the cover unit is defined into the slide rails extending the corresponding main unit, thereby preventing the cover unit from being separated and missing.

Continuous metal fiber brushes

A conductive fiber brush including a brush stock composed of plural conductive fibers or strands of fibers at least some of which may have plural bends along the leg of the fibers or strands. The fibers may have a diameter less than 0.2 mm and are arranged in contacting engagement with each other with the touching points among the fibers or strands maintaining elastic tension between the fibers or strands and thereby maintaining voids between the fibers or strands to produce a packing fraction between 1 and 50% and in extreme cases up to 70% but generally between 10-20% depending on the various factors, including the materials used, the current densities to be conducted, and the sliding speeds under operation. The plural bends are implemented by producing fibers or strands having a regular or irregular spiral, wavy, saw-tooth, triangular, and/or rectangular pattern, or other undulating pattern. Optionally, the voids in brush stock may be partially filled with a strengthening, lubricating, abrasive, and/or polishing material, and may be wrapped in an outer sheath, slid into a casing, or provided with an other covering of all or part of the area of the brush stock, be infiltrated or sprayed at the surface with some material, have an increased packing fraction at the surface and/or have some or all of the touching points between the fibers or strands soldered, welded or otherwise thermally joined. Optionally also, the friction among the fibers may be reduced through light lubrication applied by rinsing the brush or brush stock in a lubricant. In one embodiment, the fiber brush is employed in a brush loading device having a hydrostatically controlled brush holder wherein the force exerted on the brush is controlled by a metallic or other conductive hydrostatic fluid which at the same time conducts the current to the brush.
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