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Medical devices having electrodes mounted thereon and methods of manufacturing therefor

Medical devices, methods of manufacturing medical devices, and systems comprising medical devices are provided. The device comprises a shaft having a major lumen sized to receive a second medical device and an electrode mounted thereon. The shaft includes an inner liner and outer layer. The method of manufacture includes forming a shaft by forming an inner liner and an outer layer by covering the inner liner with a polymeric material. The method further includes mounting an electrode onto the shaft of the device, and then heating and cooling the shaft. The system comprises a medical device having a shaft and an electrode mounted thereon. The shaft has a major lumen sized to receive another device. The system further comprises an electronic control unit configured to receive signals from the electrode and to determine a position of the electrode and / or monitor electrophysiological data.

Systems and methods for making and using radially-aligned segmented electrodes for leads of electrical stimulation systems

An electrical stimulation lead includes a lead body insertable into a patient. Electrodes are disposed along the lead body. The electrodes include at least two sets of segmented electrodes. Each set of segmented electrodes includes a first segmented electrode and a second segmented electrode radially spaced apart from one another around a circumference of the lead body. A tab is disposed on the first segmented electrode of each set of segmented electrodes. The tabs extend into the lead body. A guide feature is disposed on the tabs. The guide features are each radially aligned with one another along the length of the lead body. Conductors extend along the length of the lead body from a proximal end to the electrodes. Each of the conductors is electrically coupled to at least one of the electrodes. At least one of the conductors extends through the radially-aligned guide features of the tabs.

U-Channel Coaxial F-Connector

An F-connector for a coaxial cable comprises a front insulator, a back insulator, a connecting lead, and a locking ring. The connecting lead has an interior portion and an exterior portion. The interior portion is configured with a pair of side wall portions which are parallel to each other, and which together with a bottom portion form a U-shaped channel. The side wall portions each comprise a curved portion that are configured to grip the center conductor of the coaxial cable so as to withstand a certain level of withdrawal force, and such that the F-connector exhibits a desired impedance of 75 Ohms. The connecting lead engages with the front insulator and the back insulator such that the components are held in position within a connector body.

High speed, high density electrical connector

An electrical connector with electrically lossy materials bridging ground members. The lossy conductive members may be formed by filling a settable binder with conductive particles, allowing the partially conductive members to be formed through an insert molding process. Connectors assembled from wafers that contain signal conductors held within an insulative housing may incorporate lossy conductive members by having filled thermal plastic molded onto the insulatative housing. The lossy conductive members may be used in conjunction with magnetically lossy materials. The lossy conductive members reduce ground system do resonance within the connector, thereby increasing the high frequency performance of the connector.

Leads with x-ray fluorescent capsules for electrode identification and methods of manufacture and use

An implantable lead for an electrical stimulation system includes a lead body having a distal end, a proximal end, a longitudinal length, and a circumference; a plurality of electrodes disposed along the distal end of the lead body in an electrode array; a plurality of terminals disposed along the proximal end of the lead body; a plurality of conductors electrically coupling the plurality of electrodes to the plurality of terminals; and at least one capsule including an x-ray fluorescent material and disposed along the distal end of the lead body relative to the electrode array to indicate, when viewed fluoroscopically, an orientation of the electrode array. The plurality of electrodes includes a plurality of segmented electrodes. Each of the plurality of segmented electrodes extends partially around the circumference of the lead body.

Extremely stretchable electronics

In embodiments, the present invention may attach at least two isolated electronic components to an elastomeric substrate, and arrange an electrical interconnection between the components in a boustrophedonic pattern interconnecting the two isolated electronic components with the electrical interconnection. The elastomeric substrate may then be stretched such that the components separate relative to one another, where the electrical interconnection maintains substantially identical electrical performance characteristics during stretching, and where the stretching may extend the separation distance between the electrical components to many times that of the unstretched distance.

Dielectric Jaw Insert For Electrosurgical End Effector

The present disclosure relates to an end effector assembly for use with an electrosurgical instrument and methods of manufacturing the same. The end effector assembly includes a pair of opposing first and second jaw members and a jaw insert. Each of the opposing jaw members has a tissue contacting surface and one or more of the jaw members are monolithic. Additionally, at least one of the jaw members is moveable relative to the other from a first, open position to a second, closed position for grasping tissue. The monolithic jaw member also has a cavity defined therein. The jaw insert is selectively positionable within the cavity of the monolithic jaw member. The jaw insert includes a tissue contacting surface and a portion of the jaw insert includes a dielectric material configured to reduce the thermal mass of the monolithic jaw member.

Conduction assist member and manufacturing method of the same

A conduction assist member has conductive members disposed in some or all through holes which are formed in a large number in a sheet made of an insulating elastic material. The conduction member is a cut piece which is fixed to the sheet at one end thereof and has two or more blades formed by one, two or more cuts. In the conduction assist member, one or some of the two or more blades formed on each cut piece, are bent toward one of two opening portions of the through hole so that ends of the blades formed on the cut pieces protrude from the opening portion on the same surface of the sheet. The conduction assist member can be applied as a connector to both a flat conduction surface and a curved conduction surface, and as an integrated circuit socket which can easily cope with differences in sizes of connectors and sockets, which is superior in high speed performance and usable as an integrated circuit socket for mounting, and which can easily be assembled.
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