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High density integrated circuit apparatus, test probe and methods of use thereof

InactiveUS20070271781A9High performance functional testingHigh-temperature burnElectrically conductive connectionsElectronic circuit testingElastomerElectricity
The present invention is directed to a high density test probe which provides a means for testing a high density and high performance integrated circuits in wafer form or as discrete chips. The test probe is formed from a dense array of elongated electrical conductors which are embedded in an compliant or high modulus elastomeric material. A standard packaging substrate, such as a ceramic integrated circuit chip packaging substrate is used to provide a space transformer. Wires are bonded to an array of contact pads on the surface of the space transformer. The space transformer formed from a multilayer integrated circuit chip packaging substrate. The wires are as dense as the contact location array. A mold is disposed surrounding the array of outwardly projecting wires. A liquid elastomer is disposed ion the mold to fill the spaces between the wires. The elastomer is cured and the mold is removed, leaving an array of wires disposed in the elastomer and in electrical contact with the space transformer The space transformer can have an array of pins which are on the opposite surface of the space transformer opposite to that on which the elongated conductors are bonded. The pins are inserted into a socket on a second space transformer, such as a printed circuit board to form a probe assembly. Alternatively, an interposer electrical connector can be disposed between the first and second space transformer.
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