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Surface coating method for hydrophobic and superhydrophobic treatment in atmospheric pressure plasma

The present invention relates to a method of coating fluorocarbon or hydrocarbon on the surface of a workpiece using atmospheric pressure plasma. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method of coating hydrocarbon or fluorocarbon on the surface of a workpiece using plasma generated under atmospheric pressure such that the workpiece can have a hydrophobic or super-hydrophobic surface.
The method of coating a surface of a workpiece with fluorocarbon to be hydrophobic or super-hydrophobic according to the present invention comprises the steps of generating first atmospheric pressure glow plasma by supplying a reaction gas into a discharge space formed between a first electrode and a second electrode, the reaction gas containing hydrogen gas, fluorocarbon gas and inert gas, the first and second electrodes being connected to an RF power supply of an atmospheric pressure plasma generator; and approaching the workpiece to the first electrode downstream of a reaction gas flow passing through the discharge space, such that the plasma created in the discharge space is transferred into a space between the first electrode and the workpiece to generate a second atmospheric pressure glow plasma therein, whereby a fluorocarbon coating layer can be formed on the surface of the workpiece.
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