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Method for forming the image in millimetre and sub-millimetre wave band (variants), system for forming the image in millimetre and sub-millimeter wave band (variants), diffuser light (variants) and transceiver (variants)

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The invention relates to the field of computer diagnostics. The method consists in the steps of forming radiation forming in this wave range, consisting of separate partial radiations, which are different from each other by values of their physical features, directing of the formed radiations into a side of the observed object, receiving a radiation, dispersed from the observed object, through a focusing element, transforming of the received radiation in electrical signals and forming a synthesized enhance image of the observed object by combining said given electrical signals. Besides, each separate partial radiation is additionally distinctly encoded for example by means of its modulation, which differs from a modulation of other partial radiations, the partial radiations are directed to a diffuser for decreasing their spatial coherence and/or their dispersing by means of different portions of the diffuser in order to create an additional distinctly encoded partial radiations with an additional modulation, corresponding to an angle of impingement onto the observed object. After reflecting of the radiation from the observed object the step of focusing of this radiation to a receiving device is realized, which accomplishes a transforming of set of partial radiations in a corresponding array set of electrical signals, there is realized the step of decoding of partial electrical signals, corresponding to said partial radiations, from each of said electrical signals of said array set there are formed partial images from array sets with various partial electrical signals and then an combination of the partial images or their portions is realized in order to form enhanced resultant image of the object.
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