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Time-temperature indicator device and method of manufacture

A time-temperature indicator label for measuring the length of time to which a product has been exposed to a temperature above a pre-determined temperature is provided. The period of time of exposure is integrated with the temperature to which the indicator is exposed. The label is a composite of a plurality of layers adapted to be adhered at its underside to a product container. The label includes a printable surface layer, a longitudinal wicking strip that is adhered underneath the surface layer substantially at the opposite extremities only of the wicking strip and a lower substrate layer forming an envelope with said surface layer. A heat-fusible substance, which melts and flows above a pre-determined temperature, is applied on the surface of the wicking strip contiguous to at least one of the ends of the wicking member. When the heat-fusible substance is exposed to a temperature above the pre-determined temperature, the heat-fusible substance flows along the length of the wicking member. The label has a printable surface layer and is sealed at its peripheral edge to the peripheral edge of the substrate layer. These layers encapsulate the wicking member and the heat-fusible substance. The surface layer is provided with a sight window at an intermediate location over the wicking member through which the progress of flow on the wicking member is observed.

Device for monitoring state of power transmission line tower-line system

The invention discloses a device for monitoring the state of a power transmission line tower-line system, which fully utilizes the advantages of corrosion resistance, wide operation temperature range, anti-electromagnetic interference, passivity, long measuring distance, reliable operation and long service life and the like of optical fiber sensors to configure the optical fiber sensors on a transmission conductor and a tower in a quasi-distributed structure for detecting the temperature, the strain and the acceleration of the transmission conductor and the multipoint stress variation on the tower which are transmitted to an optical modulator demodulator for demodulating and are sent to a computer analyzing and processing system for calculating to obtain the icing quality, the waving amplitude, the breeze vibration amplitude and frequency and the sag of the transmission conductor, and the inclination angle of the tower, thus realizing the simultaneous monitoring on the icing, the waving, the breeze vibration and the sag of the transmission conductor, and the inclination angle state of the tower, and being capable of finishing long-time reliable operation under the on-site severe environment conditions.
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