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Automatic test system for digital integrated circuit

The invention discloses an automatic test system for a digital integrated circuit. The automatic test system is composed of a tested chip, a test interface board, an integration module, a test module, a control module, a display module and an upper computer. The control module is connected with the upper computer. The test module is connected with the control module. A base pin of the tested chip is connected with the test interface board which is connected with the test module. The integration module is connected with the test module and the upper computer. The display module is connected with the control module and displays a waveform after final comparison by the aid of upper computer software, so that the automatic test for functions and performance of the chip is completed. The automatic test system is low in cost, easy to implement under laboratory conditions, easy and convenient to operate, high in development rate and capable of meeting the test requirements of small-batch products. According to the system, through an automatic test, the problem that operation is complex due to the fact that the number of test items is large in a manual test is solved, the test efficiency is enhanced, a misjudgment caused by artificial factors in the manual test is avoided, and therefore test quality is improved.
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