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An optical modulator is a device which is used to modulate a beam of light. The beam may be carried over free space, or propagated through an optical waveguide (optical fibre). Depending on the parameter of a light beam which is manipulated, modulators may be categorized into amplitude modulators, phase modulators, polarization modulators etc. Often the easiest way to obtain modulation of intensity of a light beam, is to modulate the current driving the light source, e.g. a laser diode. This sort of modulation is called direct modulation, as opposed to the external modulation performed by a light modulator. For this reason light modulators are, e.g. in fiber optic communications, called external light modulators.

Device for monitoring state of power transmission line tower-line system

The invention discloses a device for monitoring the state of a power transmission line tower-line system, which fully utilizes the advantages of corrosion resistance, wide operation temperature range, anti-electromagnetic interference, passivity, long measuring distance, reliable operation and long service life and the like of optical fiber sensors to configure the optical fiber sensors on a transmission conductor and a tower in a quasi-distributed structure for detecting the temperature, the strain and the acceleration of the transmission conductor and the multipoint stress variation on the tower which are transmitted to an optical modulator demodulator for demodulating and are sent to a computer analyzing and processing system for calculating to obtain the icing quality, the waving amplitude, the breeze vibration amplitude and frequency and the sag of the transmission conductor, and the inclination angle of the tower, thus realizing the simultaneous monitoring on the icing, the waving, the breeze vibration and the sag of the transmission conductor, and the inclination angle state of the tower, and being capable of finishing long-time reliable operation under the on-site severe environment conditions.

Method and apparatus for stereoscopic image display

It is an object of the present invention to provide a stereoscopic image displaying method and a stereoscopic image displaying apparatus using the same, which are capable of excellently observing a stereoscopic image. In order to achieve the object, a stereoscopic image forming apparatus of the present invention is configured such that display light from an image corresponding to a viewpoint of one parallax image on an image displaying device, on which parallax images corresponding to a plurality of different viewpoints can be displayed, is guided to an optical modulator, on which a light transmitting section and a light shielding section can be formed, by a second optical system disposed in the front of the image displaying device, and that the display light transmitted through the light transmitting section of the optical modulator is collected at a position that is a predetermined distance apart corresponding to the viewpoint on an observation surface by a first optical system, and the entire screen of a parallax image to be displayed on the image displaying device is thereby caused to be incident on each eye by controlling transmitted light from the optical modulator in synchronism with the switching of parallax images to be displayed on the image displaying device when an observer attains stereoscopic viewing of the image information on the image displaying device.
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