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Device for monitoring state of power transmission line tower-line system

The invention discloses a device for monitoring the state of a power transmission line tower-line system, which fully utilizes the advantages of corrosion resistance, wide operation temperature range, anti-electromagnetic interference, passivity, long measuring distance, reliable operation and long service life and the like of optical fiber sensors to configure the optical fiber sensors on a transmission conductor and a tower in a quasi-distributed structure for detecting the temperature, the strain and the acceleration of the transmission conductor and the multipoint stress variation on the tower which are transmitted to an optical modulator demodulator for demodulating and are sent to a computer analyzing and processing system for calculating to obtain the icing quality, the waving amplitude, the breeze vibration amplitude and frequency and the sag of the transmission conductor, and the inclination angle of the tower, thus realizing the simultaneous monitoring on the icing, the waving, the breeze vibration and the sag of the transmission conductor, and the inclination angle state of the tower, and being capable of finishing long-time reliable operation under the on-site severe environment conditions.

Self-calibrating optical fiber pressure, strain and temperature sensors

Broadband energy incident on a transducer having partially or fully reflective surfaces separated by a gap which is greater than the coherence length of the broadband energy but smaller than one-half a coherence length of a band of energy within said broadband energy causes a portion of the spectral content of the broadband energy corresponding to a coherence length greater than twice the gap length to exhibit interference effects while the average power of the broadband energy remains unaffected. Splitting energy reflected from the transducer into two beams which are filtered at preferably similar center frequencies but with different pass bands yields beams which are radically different in sensitivity to changes in gap length. Analyzing the beams to derive a ratio of powers (since source intensity and fiber attenuation in a common fiber are thus self-cancelling) allows high accuracy and high resolution absolute measurement of temperature, pressure or strain. Effects of any of these physical parameters which are not of interest in a measurement can be fully compensated or made arbitrarily insignificant in a simple transducer structure of extremely small size. Use of broadband energy permits measurement over greater lengths of optical fiber.

Method and system for monitoring and warning pipeline landslide and method for constructing system

The invention relates to a method and a system for monitoring and warning a pipeline landslide based on a fiber Bragg grating and a method for constructing the system. The monitoring is performed on four parts including landslide depth displacement, landslide surface displacement, thrust of landslide on a pipeline and pipeline strain, and comprises the steps of: firstly, inserting an inclinometerpipe (1) pasted with a fiber Bragg grating sensor from the landslide (13) to all potential sliding surfaces (15); secondly, embedding a slender concrete ground beam (2) of which two ends are fixedly restrained and the axial direction of a central reinforced bar (17) is stuck to a ground beam fiber Bragg grating sensor (20) in a direction vertical to the deformation direction of the landslide (13)below the surface of the landslide (13); thirdly, measuring the thrust of the landslide (13) on the pipeline by using an earth pressure cell fiber Bragg grating sensor (4) fixed on the pipeline (14);and fourthly, arranging monitoring sections on edges on two sides and the pipeline (14) in the center of the landslide (13), and uniformly arranging three pipe strain fiber Bragg grating sensors (3) on each monitoring section to monitor the axial strain of the pipeline (14).

Method for monitoring downhole casing strain by using optical fibre sensor

InactiveCN101397904ARealize full well section monitoringAccurate measurementSurveyConstructionsGratingCircumferential strain
The invention relates to a method for monitoring the stress of a casing in a well by applying optical-fiber sensors, which mainly solves the problem that the existing research field of the casing erosion of an oil field and oil-water well does not have a direct method for monitoring the stress loading process of the casing in the well and the morphological characters of the casing erosion. The method is characterized in that: optical-fiber grating sensors are circumferentially arranged along the outer surface of the casing; a ground optical-fiber grating demodulation instrument connected with the optical-fiber grating sensors is utilized to monitor the circumferential strain Epsilon Theta of the casing and obtain the circumferential strain data of the casing; meanwhile, Brilliouin optical-fiber sensors are axially arranged along the outer surface of the casing; a ground Brilliouin optical-fiber demodulation instrument connected with the Brilliouin optical-fiber sensors is utilized to monitor the axial strain Epsilon Z of the casing and obtain the axial stain data of the casing; and the obtained circumferential strain Epsilon Theta and the axial strain Epsilon Z of the casing are utilized to obtain the stress of the outer layer of the casing in the well according to a ground stress explanation model. The method is characterized by being capable of permanently monitoring the deformation of the casing and obtaining corresponding stratum pressure under the condition without knowing the casing erosion and the stratum pressure.
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