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Circumferential ablation device assembly and methods of use and manufacture providing an ablative circumferential band along an expandable member

A medical balloon catheter assembly includes a balloon having a permeable region and a non-permeable region. The balloon is constructed at least in part from a fluid permeable tube such that the permeable region is formed from a porous material which allows a volume of pressurized fluid to pass from within a chamber formed by the balloon and into the permeable region sufficiently such that the fluid may be ablatively coupled to tissue engaged by the permeable region. The non-permeable region is adapted to substantially block the pressurized fluid from passing from within the chamber and outwardly from the balloon. The porous material may be a porous fluoropolymer, such as porous polytetrafluoroethylene, and the pores may be created by voids that are inherently formed between an interlocking node-fibril network that makes up the fluoropolymer. Such voids may be created according to one mode by expanding the fluoropolymer. The balloon may be formed such that the porous material extends along both the permeable and non-permeable regions. In one mode of this construction, the porous material is porous along the permeable region but is non-porous along the non-permeable region, such as for example by expanding only the permeable region in order to render sufficient voids in the node-fibril network to provide permeable pores in that section. The voids or pores in the porous material may also be provided along both permeable and non-permeable sections but are substantially blocked with an insulator material along the non-permeable section in order to prevent fluid from passing therethrough. The insulator material may be dip coated, deposited, or extruded with the porous material in order to fill the voids. The insulator material may in one mode be provided along the entire working length of the balloon and then selectively removed along the permeable section, or may be selectively exposed to only the non-permeable sections in order to fill the voids or pores there.
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