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Devices and methods for performing avascular anastomosis

A system for performing an end-to-side vascular anastomosis, including an anastomosis device, an application instrument and methods for performing a vascular anastomosis. The system is applicable for performing an anastomosis between a vascular graft and the ascending aorta in coronary artery bypass surgery, particularly in port-access CABG surgery. A first aspect of the invention includes a vascular anastomosis staple. A first configuration has two parts: an anchor member, forming the attachment with the target vessel wall and a coupling member, forming the attachment with the bypass graft vessel. The anastomosis is completed by inserting the coupling member, with the graft vessel attached, into the anchor member. A second configuration combines the functions of the anchor member and the coupling member into a one-piece anastomosis staple. A second aspect of the invention includes an anastomotic fitting, having an inner flange over which the graft vessel is everted and an outer flange which contacts the exterior surface of the target vessel. A tailored amount of compression applied by the inner and outer flanges grips the target vessel wall and creates a leak-proof seal between the graft vessel and the target vessel. A third aspect of the invention has a flange to which the graft vessel attaches, by everting the graft vessel over the flange, and a plurality of staple-like members which attach the flange and the everted end of the graft vessel to the wall of the target vessel to form the anastomosis

Process for abstracting earth silicon, oxide of alumina and gallium oxide from high-alumina flying ash

A method for extracting silicon dioxide, alumina and gallium oxide from high-alumina fly ash relates to the technology fields of environmental mineralogy and material, chemical industry and metallurgy. The method comprises the main steps as follows: causing the high-alumina fly ash to react with sodium hydroxide solution; filtering the solution; introducing CO2 to the filtrate for full gelation; cleaning, purifying, drying, grinding and calcining the silica gel after gel filtration to obtain finished white carbon black; adding limestone and a sodium carbonate solution into the filter mass after the reaction and filtration of the high-alumina fly ash and the sodium hydroxide solution; ball grinding the mixture into raw slurry; dissolving out the clinker obtained by baking the raw slurry; subjecting the filtrate to deep desiliconization to obtain sodium aluminate extraction liquid; filtrating the sodium aluminate extraction liquid after subjecting the sodium aluminate extraction liquid to carbon dioxide decomposition; baking the aluminum hydroxide after washing the filter mass to form the aluminum hydroxide product; and extracting the gallium oxide from the carbon dioxide decomposition mother solution and desiliconized solution. The method has the advantages of low material price, simple operating procedures, low investment, low production cost, low energy consumption and less slag.
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