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This is a list of countries by oil production, as compiled from the U.S. Energy Information Administration database for calendar year 2019, tabulating all countries on a comparable best-estimate basis. Compared with shorter-term data, the full-year figures are less prone to distortion from periodic maintenance shutdowns and other seasonal cycles.

Coiled tubing clamping device and injection head using same

The invention provides a coiled tubing clamping device and an injection head using the clamping device, belonging to the field of oil production and drilling equipment. The clamping device comprises a saddle-type clamping block, a clamping block seat and a gasket, wherein the saddle-type clamping block has a groove on the bottom; at least two pairs of hook blocks are arranged on the sidewall of the groove; the clamping block seat includes a hinge pin and a rolling shaft sleeve sheathed on the hinge pin; a position limiting stage and a bolt hole are arranged on the bottom of the clamping blockseat; bosses corresponding to the hook blocks of the clamping block are arranged on both sides of the bottom of the clamping block seat; and two through holes are formed on the lower part of the clamping block seat along the hinge pin direction. The injection head comprises an oil pipe clamping device and a transmission chain, wherein the oil pipe clamping device is mounted on the transmission chain through two hinge pin holes on the clamping block seat. The injection head is convenient in maintenance and has long service life by using the rolling shaft sleeve to substitute for a bearing. The clamping blocks are convenient in replacement, and have a large floating range so as to reduce the abrasion of the oil pipes during operation.

Oleochemical Plasticizers with Thermal and Ultraviolet Radiation Stabilizing Activity for PVC Molding Resins and Process for Obtaining Thereof

The present invention is related with bioplasticizers or primary oleochemical plasticizers and the improved process for obtaining thereof. It refers primarily to epoxydized oleochemical plasticizers produced from vegetable oils, as substitute of traditional petrochemical plasticizers. The process starts with the epoxydized product of natural oils, such as sunflower, linseed, Jatropha curcas, soybean, etc., which are transesterified with an alcohol such as ethylic or methylic, in the presence of a catalyst such as sodium methoxide or sodium hydroxide in order to produce an alkylic esters mixture of the fatty acids that were present in the oil or oil mixture used as raw material in the epoxydized oil production. When the plasticizer obtained by the process already mentioned is used for the formulation of moldable poly(vinyl chloride), PVC, resins; the resulting plastic films get adequate hardness, static and dynamic thermal stability, and plasticizer extractability by solvents, such as n-hexane, gasoline and oil. Besides, when the PVC resin is formulated with a phthalic or terephthalic plasticizers mixture and the bioplasticizer, the bioplasticizer presents a full range solubility and or compatibility with the remainder of the resin compounds. The oxyrane chemical ring of the bioplasticizer is an excellent chemical neutralizer of the HCL that might be formed from the PVC, due to the action or interference of thermal or UV radiation.

Device and method for thickened oil deposit gas injection huff-puff oil extraction physical simulation experiments

ActiveCN102748018AReliable dataReliable Research PlatformBorehole/well accessoriesControl systemModel system
The invention discloses a device and method for thickened oil deposit gas injection huff-puff oil extraction physical simulation experiments. The device comprises an injection system, a model system, an output control system and a data collection and control system, wherein the injection system is connected with the model system so as to inject formation water, crude oil and huff-puff gas into the model system, the outlet end of the model system is connected with the output control system, the output control system is used for controlling the output of oil-gas mixtures of the model system and calculating gas flow and oil production in the outputted oil-gas mixtures, the model system is further connected with the data collection and control system, and the data collection and control system is used for collecting pressure, temperature and huff-puff gas flow data in a model body and monitoring and processing data in real time. The device can be used for truly simulating processes of injecting gas into a stratum, soaking and extracting indoors and monitoring pressure and pressure gradient distribution rules of different positions from the well bottom of a gas injection well to the far end of the stratum in gas injection and extraction simulation processes.

Well completion and oil production string of horizontal well and well completion and oil production processes thereof

ActiveCN101864921AImprove segmental sealing effectDelayed ConingDrilling rodsFluid removalAcid washingOil water
The invention relates to a well completion and oil production string of a horizontal well and well completion and oil production processes. In order to overcome the defect that in traditional horizontal well open hole sand-proof screening pipe well completion construction, an open hole packer at a horizontal section cannot effectively seal and separate oil and water layers because of irregular well diameter, a well completion string is fixedly arranged at the horizontal well section in an open hole well bore; a grading hoop, a casing short section, an external casing packer I, a blind plate, a casing, a layered seal tube I, an upper screening pipe, a layered seal tube II, a second casing short section, an external casing packer II, the other casing, an external casing packer III, a third casing short section, a layered seal tube III, a lower screening pipe, a wash-down valve, the lower screening pipe and a guiding shoe of the well completion string are sequentially and fixedly connected; and an acid washing string, a string for sealing up and producing oil from down, a string for sealing down and producing oil from up or a commingled production string is arranged in the well completion string. The invention has the beneficial effects that the well completion process of the horizontal well is combined with a post oil production technology, the sectioned sealing effect between the well completion string and the open hole well bore is improved, bottom water coning is delayed, and the purposes of controlling water and increasing oil are achieved.
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