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Nutrition is the science that interprets the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food in relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction, health and disease of an organism. It includes food intake, absorption, assimilation, biosynthesis, catabolism and excretion.

Composite enzyme beverage and preparation process method thereof

The invention discloses a composite enzyme beverage and a preparation process method thereof. The composite enzyme beverage is prepared from five cereals, fruits and vegetables, edible plants and edible fungi as main raw materials through common fermentation; three-step fermentation is realized by using microzyme, acetic acid bacteria and lactic acid bacteria; and substep fermentation for different strains is adopted at different stages in the manufacturing process, so that the demands of a human body on the efficacies of health and nutrition are met. According to the composite enzyme beverage disclosed by the invention, the mixture ratio of the raw materials is more gentle, more pure natural organic raw materials are used and the three-step fermentation is realized by the microzyme, the acetic acid bacteria and the lactic acid bacteria; and the composite enzyme beverage retains original vitamins and carbohydrate of the fruits and vegetables, is rich in various B-group vitamins and various amino acids, is a nutrient necessary for eliminating the human fatigue and particularly benefits people suffered from chronic disease syndrome. Particularly after coarse grains are fermented, insoluble dietary fibers can be dissolved into small molecular substances which are easily digested and absorbed by the human body, and thus the digestion and intake of nutritive substances by the human body can be enhanced.

Food nutrition analysis and health management system

The invention discloses a food nutrition analysis and health management system. The food nutrition analysis and health management system comprises an intelligent terminal, a service platform, food storage equipment, food cooking equipment and user physical sign measurement equipment. The food storage equipment is used for acquiring food types, adjusting own storage temperature according to the food types and recommending recipes according to existing food stock; the user physical sign measurement equipment is used for detecting physical sign information of a user and uploading to a service platform; the intelligent terminal is used for controlling the food storage equipment, the food cooking equipment and the user physical sign measurement equipment; the food cooking equipment is used for acquiring recipes from the service platform and cooking according to the recipes; the service platform is used for recommending recipes according to the physical sign information of the user and providing nutrition analysis and health management advices for the user according to the physical sign information and historical dietary information. Therefore, on the basis of daily diet habits of the user, the historical dietary information and physical signal information of the user are dynamically known to intelligently provide healthy recipes for the user.

Special seedling-raising medium for leaf vegetables

The invention discloses a special seedling-raising medium for leaf vegetables, belonging to the technical field of soilless culture. The medium comprises vinegar residue, manioc waste and other organic wastes, as well as vermiculite, grass carbon, plant ash and perlite. The formula of the medium comprises the following components in volume ratio: 25-35 parts of vinegar residue, 5-10 parts of manioc waste, 10-15 parts of plant ash, 15-20 parts of vermiculite, 20-25 parts of grass carbon and 5-10 parts of perlite; and the medium has total nutrient content of 1-3%, free water content of 25-40%, total porosity of 65-85%, volume weight of 0.1-0.8g/m<3>, pH of 5.5-7.5, EC (electrical conductivity) value of 0.5-2.0mS/cm and dry base organic matter content of not less than 25%. The special seedling-raising medium disclosed by the invention mainly takes the vinegar residue, the manioc waste and other organic wastes as raw materials, and high-temperature fermentation treatment is performed for producing the soilless culture medium, so that the wastes are changed into valuables and harmful things are further turned to beneficial things. The special seedling-raising medium has the advantages of low cost, light texture and complete nutrition, is very suitable for raising seedlings of the leaf vegetables, and becomes a good seedling-raising medium for soilless culture of horticultural crops.

Device and method for monitoring dietary intake of calories and nutrients

A portable, autonomous electronic device consisting of a barcode scanner, an updatable nutrition facts database, user memory to store product records of products eaten, and an integral readout display is disclosed that will allow a user to scan barcodes on food items consumed and keep a cumulative total of calories and other nutrients. Prepared packaged foods may have their barcodes read directly, while foods that are used in cooking or preparing other foods may be referenced by scanning from a printed generic foods barcode list provided with the device. Serving sizes can be adjusted to accurately reflect the intake of given food items. Daily cumulative totals of calories and several other nutrients can be displayed as bar graphs, and the incremental increase that would result from consuring a scanned item can be displayed with reference to what has already been consumed. Weekly calorie totals broken down by day can be displayed in order to give an estimation of how successfully the user has adhered to diet goals over a dietarily significant span of time. Barcode numbers of food items input into the device along with date and serving size consumed can be stored in user memory and downloaded to another device, for example a computer or printer, via an interface. Diet strategies can be personalized with respect to any one of or combination of several nutritional categories, such as calories, fat, etc.

Specialized organic/inorganic composite biological medicine fertilizer for rape, and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a specialized organic/inorganic composite biological medicine fertilizer for rape, and a preparation method thereof. The weight parts of composition raw materials are as follows: 60-80 parts of greenhouse garbage, 6-7 parts of pericarp, 6-8 parts of cotton straws, 8-10 parts of pig manure, 10-12 parts of plant ash, 10-12 parts of sugar residue, 20-25 parts of sodium humate, 10-11 parts of diammonium phosphate, 12-14 parts of potassium sulfate, 12-14 parts of urea, 12-14 parts of ammonium bicarbonate, 14-16 parts of medical stone, 12-14 parts of animal hair, 1-2 parts of EM strains, 20-22 parts of modified bentonite, 8-10 parts of celastrus orbiculatus, 3-4 parts of neem, 4-6 parts of monkshood, 3-5 parts of fiveleaf akebia fruit, 0.7-1.2 parts of boric acid, 1-1.2 parts of manganese sulfate, 2-4 parts of copper sulfate, 4-6 parts of eucalyptus oil and a proper amount of paraffin. A green organic fertilizer is obtained by mixing a plurality of organic wastes and fermenting the mixture, thereby reducing environment pollutions. The specialized organic/inorganic composite biological medicine fertilizer for the rape has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition and enhanced sterilizing effects by mixing the fermented organic materials and inorganic fertilizer and adding medicine juice of the Chinese herbal medicine having insectidical functions. With the application of the fertilizer, rape quality can be effectively increased; and the rape has green leaves, bright flower, prolonged flowering period, full seeds and increased output.
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