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Weight-losing fruit and vegetable powder

The invention discloses weight-losing fruit and vegetable powder which has the characteristics that natural plants with weight-losing effects are taken as raw materials; effective ingredients in the raw materials are retained to the maximum extent by low-temperature extraction and biological enzymolysis technologies; weight-losing factors with relatively good weight-losing effects, such as dietary fibers, plant extracts, tea leaf extract, spice extract, Chinese herbal medicine extracts, probiotic powder, probiotic factors and bamboo charcoal powder, are scientifically compounded on the basis of existing nutritional fruit and vegetable powder; meanwhile, nutritional ingredients with weight-losing effects, such as protein powder, malt extract and malt flour are also compounded, and nutrients such as compound amino acids, vitamins and minerals are added; mainly proceeding from the aspects of satisfying the satiety feel, regulating gastrointestinal florae, protecting the health by traditional Chinese medicines, sucking and removing fat and the like, the digestion and absorption self-regulation capability of a human body is improved, the uptake and secondary synthetic routes of human fat are reduced, the normal nutrient uptake and metabolic level of the human body cannot be influenced, and a good cycle of health protection and weight reduction is realized.

Dephosphorization and denitrification, mud decrement and phosphorus recovery integrated sewage treatment device and method thereof

InactiveCN101544453AImprove system synchronous denitrification and dephosphorization capacityReduce pool capacityTreatment with aerobic and anaerobic processesMultistage water/sewage treatmentContinuous flowChemistry
The invention provides a dephosphorization and denitrification, mud decrement and phosphorus recovery integrated sewage treatment device and a method thereof. The method adopts processes of hydrolysis acidification, multilevel series contact aeration and dephosphorization and denitrification A<2>/O of continuous flow, and comprises the following steps that: a hydrolysis acidification unit is used to treat raw sewage and a little anaerobic phosphorus releasing sludge to realize conversion of VFA; clear solution rich in the VFA after hydrolyzed supplies rich carbon sources for a subsequent dephosphorization and denitrification A<2>/O unit to reinforce synchronous dephosphorization and denitrification; and low concentration phosphorus in the sewage is enriched in the anaerobic phosphorus releasing sewage by the excessive phosphorus absorption capability of a phosphate accumulating organism, and the minor part of phosphorus enriched sewage is drained to carry out chemical phosphorus solidification. The dephosphorization mode can significantly reduce sewage quantity of chemical dephosphorization, improve the utility ratio of a dephosphorizing medicament, reduce dosage of the medicament, has high phosphorous amount in the obtained chemical sludge, and realizes recycle of the middle and low concentration phosphorus in urban sewage by the mode of non residue sludge under a condition of low cost. Sludge decrement can be realized through biofacies separation of a multilevel series contact aeration tank and the function of microorganism predation grade by grade.

Selenium-enriched suaeda salsa nutritional health-care fine dried noodles and production technology thereof

The invention discloses nutritional health-care fine dried noodles which are developed with suaeda salsa, stigma maydis and Chinese herbal medicines such as the root of kudzu vine, gynostemma pentaphyllum, cortex phellodendri, dandelions, cornus officinalis, radix rehmanniae preparata, herba portulacae, herba houttuyniae, licorice root and stevia rebaudiana as raw materials and have the effects of reducing blood lipid and blood pressure, improving organism immunity, beautifying the face and clearing away toxins, resisting fatigue and the like. The fine dried noodles contain rich functional activated substances such as suaeda salsa and amino acid, polypeptides, water-soluble dietary fibers, ferulic acid, active polysaccharides, saponin and flavone in the Chinese herbal medicines. The fine fried noodles have the advantages that compatibility of suaeda salsa and the Chinese herbal medicines is scientific, functional components in the Chinese herbal medicines are extracted through the technologies including ultrasonic secondary crushing, enzymolysis combined compound microorganism degradation and microwave assisted extraction method, the content of organic selenium in the product is increased, the nutritional healthy functions of the product are remarkably improved, and market prospects are wide.
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