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Method for preparing modified regenerated cellulose/alginate hemostatic composite material

ActiveCN104013991AImproves Structural IntegrityHigh viscosityAbsorbent padsBandagesWoven fabricRegenerated cellulose
The invention discloses a method for preparing a modified regenerated cellulose/alginate hemostatic composite material, and relates to a method for preparing a hemostatic material, belonging to the technical field of biomedical composite materials. The invention aims to solve the technical problem that an existing alginate material has an unsatisfactory hemostatic effect, poor structure integrity, and relatively low mechanical strength and stability. The method comprises a first step of modification of regenerated cellulose; a second step of preparation of an oxidized regenerated cellulose/sodium alginate water solution; a third step of molding of the hemostatic composite material; and a fourth step of cross-linking and solidification of the hemostatic composite material. According to the modified regenerated cellulose/alginate hemostatic composite material, due to the introduction of a sodium carboxylic acid structure at the C6 site of the regenerated cellulose molecule through the selective oxidization of a TEMPO-NaClO-NaBr oxidation system, the hemostatic property, structure integrity, mechanical strength and stability of the modified regenerated cellulose/alginate hemostatic composite material are improved, and the defects of poor wet strength, low mechanical integrity and easy deformation of ordinary alginate non-woven fabrics are overcome.

Water extinguishing agent and extinguishing method combing water extinguishing agent and fire-fighting unmanned aerial vehicle

The invention discloses a water extinguishing agent and an extinguishing method combing the water extinguishing agent and a fire-fighting unmanned aerial vehicle. The water extinguishing agent comprises the components: 30-50wt% of water retention agent, 20-35wt% of fire retardant, 10-30wt% of thickening agent and 0-10wt% of surfactant. The water extinguishing agent is mixed with water according to a ratio of (1-3):(99-97) to form a colloid-state fire extinguishing agent, the colloid-state fire extinguishing agent can be conveyed to fire scenes of a high-rise building and a super high-rise building above 100m through a fire-fighting water tanker, through vehicle-mounted high pressure pumping (power source), the fire-fighting unmanned aerial vehicle is remotely controlled on the ground to carry a water cannon sprayer and a pressure self-hold high-altitude fire-fighting liquid conveying pipeline to fly to a fire position and to horizontally spray the colloid-sate fire extinguishing agent for extinguishment, and the fire of the buildings are extinguished quickly through collaborated heating absorption cooling, dilution choking, and isolation covering action of various components. The water extinguishing agent is easy to store; a use method of the water extinguishing agent is simple; and the water extinguishing agent has the advantages of high fire-extinguishing efficiency, no environmental pollution, and the like. The fire-fighting unmanned aerial vehicle has more obvious application advantages in the high-rise building and the super high-rise building above 100m.

Intelligent monitoring and mobile phone App (Application) displaying system and method for indoor fitness equipment based on Internet of Things

InactiveCN104754028AHigh viscosityIncrease interestSport apparatusTransmissionInternet of ThingsDynamic energy
The invention discloses an intelligent monitoring and mobile phone App (Application) displaying system and an intelligent monitoring and mobile phone App displaying method for indoor fitness equipment based on an Internet of Things. The system comprises an Internet of Things implementing system, a body builder Internet of Things intelligent box, a body builder cloud server and a mobile phone equestrian sports App; the system is characterized in that the body builder Internet of Things intelligent box is charged by a chargeable lithium battery, kinetic energy data is acquired by an electronic gyroscope, a self-making cloud calculation procedure is arranged in the body builder cloud server, and the body-building effect is displayed by the equestrian sports App by receiving signals in the intelligent box and body parameters of a user after the operation; the App is divided into two system editions, including an Android system and an Apple system, and the sports data and effects can be displayed in real time; furthermore, according to the system provided by the invention, an effect that the intelligent monitoring and acquisition of sports data of the indoor fitness equipment and the scientific estimation of the body building effect can be transmitted to the App in a mobile phone of a user can be realized.
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