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Multi-arm adjustable fluorescent lighting fixture

This invention provides a high-output industrial light fixture that employs a plurality of commercially available fluorescent light sources in an array of adjustable arm assemblies each housing one or more light sources (fluorescent bulbs) in an associated reflector box or other source housing structure. By adjusting the arm assemblies, a more-precise spread of light onto the target surface can be achieved. Arm mounting brackets can be provided with one or more locking positions to facilitate multi-position angular placement of each individual arm. A plurality of arm assemblies can be provided around a center housing or hub, each directed outwardly in a radial direction from a central point or axis of the center housing/hub. Each arm's source reflector box/source housing structure can be located to project light either downwardly or upwardly and can be angled at a plurality of angular adjustment positions with respect to the center housing in each of the upward and/or downward positions. The bottom surface of center housing remains unobstructed (with arm assemblies extending away from it) so that cameras, sensors and other devices can be provided thereon. In an alternate embodiment, the reflector box/source housing structure for containing each light source can be mounted so as to extend transversely to a radial direction from the center. Accordingly, each box is located at a radial spacing from the center and extends substantially perpendicularly with respect to the radius, so as to define a polygon of reflector boxes around the center.

Environmentally friendly coating compositions for coating metal objects, coated objects therefrom and methods, processes and assemblages for coating thereof

Disclosed are environmentally friendly, substantially all solids coating compositions which are curable using ultraviolet and visible radiation. In certain embodiments, the disclosed coating compositions are suitable for coating flexible objects and/or objects having angular features, such as, but not limited to, flexible metal objects with angular features. In other embodiments, the cured coatings have improved slip properties and at least 6 H hardness. Such embodiments can served as substitutes for “hard chrome” coatings, TEFLON® coatings, coatings comprising TEFLON®, or TEFLON® like coatings. In addition, methods are disclosed for coating surfaces, or at least a portion of the surfaces, and curing of the coated surface to obtain partially or fully cured coated surfaces. Furthermore, articles of manufacture incorporating fully cured coated surfaces are disclosed, including, for example leaf springs, hydraulic rods and cylinders. Also disclosed are methods, processes, production lines, articles of manufacture, and factories which incorporate these environmentally friendly, substantially all solids coating compositions curable using ultraviolet and visible radiation.
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