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Audio cassette emulator

A device of the same general physical size and shape as a standard audio cassette tape, but which accepts digital information from any of a variety of sources—including for example: Internet transmission, a digital computer, or memory cards (especially digital memory cards)—and plays this digital information through any, for example, standard audio tape cassette player. The device operates by converting the digital representation of the sound into magnetic signals which are presented to the read/write head of the cassette player equipment. The device allows the user of the cassette player to regulate the audio playback using conventional equipment controls such as: START, STOP, REWIND, FAST REWIND, FORWARD, FAST FORWARD, etc. In one exemplary implementation, the device has the same general physical dimensions of a standard audio cassette; at least one digital processor; and a slot into which electronic media such as, for example, memory cards, smart cards having a processor and a memory embodied thereon and other memory media may be inserted. Converter circuitry converts data stored in digital memory to an analog signal which is magnetically coupled to the read head of the equipment. Numerous sensors detect changes in at least one of the tape equipment mechanisms in the audio cassette emulator.

Apparatus for communicating over a network images captured by a digital camera

An apparatus is provided for communicating over a network images captured by a digital camera, such as a digital camera without an on-board network interface. The apparatus includes a housing separate from the digital camera having a processing unit with memory for storage of images, a camera interface card received in a memory card slot of the digital camera, and a cable or wireless connection coupling the camera interface card to the processing unit for data communication. The apparatus emulates a memory card to the digital camera, such that the digital camera's electronics operate with the memory of the processing unit through the camera interface card, as if such memory was on a memory card located in slot of the digital camera. Images captured by the digital camera are transferred, via the camera interface card and cable, to memory of the processing unit, and the digital camera can access images stored in memory of the processing unit. The processing unit has a wireless data network interface and Ethernet communication interface, whereby captured images stored in memory of the processing unit are queued in real-time for network transfer, and subsequently transferred via one of the network communication interfaces, to a computer system, such as an web site or file server, at a network destination address configurable in the processing unit. Data may be inputted by the user before and/or after image capture for association with images prior to their network transfer. The housing for the processing unit may be shaped like a motor drive unit and attached to the bottom of the camera, or worn by the user of the camera in the form of a belt pack or backpack.
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