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In computing, a serial port is a serial communication interface through which information transfers in or out one bit at a time (in contrast to a parallel port). Throughout most of the history of personal computers, data was transferred through serial ports to devices such as modems, terminals, and various peripherals.

Telecommunications adapter providing non-repudiable communications log and supplemental power for a portable programmable device

A portable adapter that provides non-repudiable telecommunications services to bar-code reading hand-held computers and palm-top or tablet-type mobile computers is disclosed. The adapter provides supplemental power supply and processing capacity that supports API communications functions, such as interactive voice recognition, conference calling, data encryption, VoIP packetization and other signal-format conversions that are not implemented on mobile computers. In particular, the device automatically logs IP packet identifiers and DOV dialing and status signals, without the user having access to edit this information, thereby providing a "non-repudiation" record of all communications. The adapter also supports intensive use of the host computer's serial port by supplementing the power available from the host computer's battery, or replacing that battery with a connector. For plant inspection and inventory auditing, ground-based cellular communications are implemented for supporting on-site work, including conference calling to discuss apparent pilferage or imminent safety hazards, and removable WORM recording media for documenting these discussions. For repair shop use, a standard phone jack or 10-base-T connector allows the device to upload engine test-data, with reports or estimates dictated by the mechanic to the repair shop's LAN server. For hospital use, the device includes removable WORM media for logging patient test results and examination reports. The hospital device also uses a dedicated local-area RF or IR transmitter, with location-specific encryption, to protect the privacy of lab reports received by the device, and to limit use of these devices to hospital's own premises.

Small-sized depopulated helicopter independent flight control system

The invention relates to a miniature unmanned helicopter auto flight control system which comprises an on-board control system, wherein, an on-board computer gets signals from sensors through a serial port, and exchanges data with a ground-based computer through on-board and ground wireless Ethernet access points; the on-board computer carries out serial communication with a digital signal processor to control a steering engine set of the unmanned helicopter; a remote control signal receiver outputs to the digital signal processor and then is connected with the on-board computer through a serial port, and an auto control signal and a ground remote control signal are accumulated to get a current steering engine control signal. And the auto flight control system also comprises a ground control system, wherein, the ground-based computer transmits flight control instructions to the on-board computer and receives and records flight data; through operating a ground helicopter remote controller, manual control instructions can be transmitted to the on-board remote control signal receiver via wireless radio frequency signals. The invention can improve the auto flight ability of the miniature unmanned helicopter, strengthen system reliability, expand the application range of the unmanned helicopter and enable the helicopter to complete given missions beyond the visual range.

Intelligent industrial security cloud gateway equipment system and method

The invention discloses an intelligent industrial security cloud gateway equipment system and method. The industrial cloud security gateway equipment and method is characterized in that upper cloud data is encrypted and added with data classification identifiers and time stamps, and decryption, security scanning and multiple security authentication access control are carried out on data on downlink intelligent equipment, so that interconnection, protocol conversion, and multi-directional transparent and real-time transmission among cloud equipment, enterprise datacenter equipment and various intelligent equipment on an industrial field can be achieved. An intelligent industrial cloud security gateway is embedded intelligent equipment comprising various serial ports, communication interfaces for a field bus and field intelligent equipment such as the industrial Ethernet, communication interfaces for wireless mobile communication and wired Internet cloud equipment, wireless or wired local area network interfaces for Bluetooth, broadband and the like, an Ethernet switch, a GPS module, and embedded software. The intelligent industrial cloud security gateway can systematically prevent user data leakage and network virus attacks, is core equipment of a secure and reliable intelligent industrial cloud service system, and can serve intelligent industrial manufacturing.

AUV intelligent touching-avoiding apparatus and method

The invention provides an AUV intelligent collision prevention device and a collision prevention method. The state information of the AUV collected by the sensor is passed to a dynamic control machine by a serial port. The dynamic control machine transmits the state information to a mission management machine by a network; a multi-beam front looking-sonar collects barrier information which is converted to a digital signal describing local environment; the mission management machine receives the digital signal of the local environment; an AUV barrier decision-making system determines the position of the barrier, establishes a local environment model which is passed on to a collision prevention planning system; the collision prevention system figures out course, speed, and depth of the AUV by collision prevention algorithm and passes on the three instructions to the dynamic controller by the network; the dynamic control machine controls resolving by movement, uses a control voltage to drive an executing agency, and adjusts course, speed and depth of the AUV according to the steering instructions, thus realizing AUV collision prevention. The invention has the advantages that collision prevention is realized in real time without needing prior knowledge and reliability and validity of the proposal of the invention are proved by a lake testing.

Computer aided game apparatus

A computer aided game apparatus is disclosed for tracking location and distance on a golf course, recommending club selection, recording golfer performance statistics, receiving notification via a pager, and playing infomercials during the course of a golf game. The apparatus has a processor connected to a memory which is suitably supports a geographic information system (GIS), a player performance database, and an infomercial database. The apparatus has a global positioning receiver which operates in conjunction with the GIS for indicating the current position of the golfer. The GPS receiver is connected to the processor which in turn drives a convenient, intuitive touch screen display. The apparatus has a pager which allows for direct contact with the golfer. To support data networking, the microprocessor is also connected to one or more interface ports, including an infra-red port, a parallel port, a serial port, and a PCMCIA port. Through the interface ports, the microprocessor can maintain, update, or back-up data stored in the memory. Typically, data not already present on the memory are downloaded from a central computer before each game is played. At the end of each game, statistics generated during the game are uploaded into the central computer system for archival purposes. As the game progresses, the apparatus of the present invention integrates the distance computation the recording of the golfer performance, and the suggesting of proper club selection based on distance and past performance. Further, the apparatus of the present invention preserves statistics for each golfer for long term analysis. Additionally, the apparatus of the present invention can also support infomercials from the golf course operators to entertain and educate the golfers while generating supplemental advertising revenues for the course operators.

Method and system of data acquisition from data acquisition terminal

The invention relates to the field of electric power and communication, which discloses a method of data acquisition from a data acquisition terminal, and the method comprises the following steps: a concentrator collects resident electricity data through low-pressure carrier waves; a net meter collects distribution transformer electricity data through alternating collection; the concentrator is connected with the net meter through a serial port, and the net meter is connected with a front end processor through a communication module and used for sending electricity data; a collection server isused for sending collection demand data to a collection terminal through the front end processor and receiving the collection terminal data transmitted by the front end processor asynchronously, if collection fails, enter supplement collection, and if not, skip to the next step; a center server is used for analyzing and processing the data. The invention simultaneously discloses a system of dataacquisition from a data acquisition terminal. The invention has the beneficial effects of high capability of permitting simultaneous access of a large number of distribution transformers and residentsand ensuring the real-time performance and integrity of resident electricity data and distribution transformer electricity data by an optimized communication method and a perfect supplement collection strategy.
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