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Mobile phone interactive system for blind and device thereof

The invention discloses a mobile phone interactive system for the blind, comprising a signal acquiring and transmitting device and a mobile phone device. The signal acquiring and transmitting device is arranged on an arm of a person and comprises a signal acquisition module, an analog-to-digital conversion module and a transmitting module, wherein the signal acquisition module is used for acquiring signals generated based on gesture motion; the gesture motion is used as an input command of the mobile communication of the blind; the analog-to-digital conversion module is used for performing analog-to-digital conversion on the acquired signals; and the transmitting module is connected with the analog-to-digital conversion module to transmit the converted acquired signals. The mobile phone device comprises a receiving module, a signal processing module and a function control module, wherein the receiving module is used for receiving the acquired signals; the signal processing module is used for performing gesture recognition processing on the received acquired signals; and the function control module is used for supplying the interactive control with various functions according to a recognition result. The invention can provide a mobile phone which is convenient for carrying and interaction with high efficiency.

Power Monitoring and Analysis System for Identifying and Tracking Individual Electrical Devices

The invention is a method for measuring and processing a plurality of electrical parameters of a common alternating current (AC) service that supplies multiple different electrical devices such that the power use rate and total power used by each of multiple devices is determined. Sensors provide high resolution signals corresponding to the current and voltage of the AC power supplied to the service panel typical of those used in residential construction. Analog-to-digital conversion and processing circuits determine multiple electrical parameters with high resolution at a sampling rate sufficient to determine the electrical parameters for approximately each AC cycle. The electrical parameters are stored as a large data set in a memory with sufficient capacity to store several months of electrical parameters representing each AC cycle. The data set is processed to extract complete on-off cycles of the devices. The on-off cycles are represented by instance structures. The characteristics of the instance structures are used to determine device structures. Each device structure characterizes one of the multiple devices. The contributions associated with the extracted instance structures are subtracted from the data set, making is possible to extract additional instance structures from the residual information in the data set. Information from the device structures are used to help extract instances structures that are partially obscured by overlapping instance structures. The newly extracted instances structures are subtracted from the data set and processing continues until no more instance structures can be extracted. Information from the extracted instance structures and device structures are further grouped and processed to provide useful information reports to a consumer. As the electrical parameters are determined and added to the data set, they can be incrementally processed so that near real time information can be provided to the consumer. The cost of operating each device and other information enables the consumer to make informed decision regarding energy use and conservation.

Micro/nano satellite measure and control communication integral transmitting and receiving system and realization method thereof

The invention discloses a micro/nano satellite measure and control communication integral transmitting and receiving system and a realization method thereof. The method comprises the following steps: 1) uplink signal processing: 11) receiving and processing radio-frequency signals to obtain analog intermediate-frequency signals; and 12) carrying out analog to digital conversion and digital underlocking on the analog intermediate-frequency signals and dividing into two paths of uplink digital intermediate-frequency signals, namely, one path of the signals is sent to a satellite-mounted computer by QPSK (quadrate phase shift keying) demodulation and uplink protocol processing so as to finish uplink data transmission, and the other path of the signals is subjected to the PM (phase modulation) demodulation to obtain side sound signals and PSK (phase shift keying) remote signals, and the PSK remote signals are subjected to BPSK (binary phase shift keying) demodulation to convert into a remote control command which is sent to the satellite-mounted computer so as to finish the remote control; and 2), downlink signal processing: 21), acquiring two paths of data from the satellite-mounted computer and a storage unit, namely, one path of data which is subjected to downlink protocol processing, BPSK modulation, combination with the side sound signals and downlink measure and control carrier PM modulation is combined with the other path of data which is subjected to the downlink protocol processing and the QPSK modulation to enter a satellite-ground radio-frequency emission channel; and 22) converting into radio-frequency signals to finish the remote measure and the downlink data transmission.
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