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Personalized news recommendation device and method based on news content and theme feature

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The invention discloses a personalized news recommendation device and method based on news content and theme feature. The recommendation device is equipped with seven modules, namely a news capturing module, a pre-treatment module, a theme model training module, a theme model predicting module, a user model building module, a news recommendation module and a recommendation treatment module. The recommendation method comprises the following steps: building an personalized user model with the theme model and a relevant named entity noun sequence to express the interest preference of the user reading news, and calculating weight and converting the theme feature vector of users so as to reduce the influence of hot themes and single news content on the user interest, thereby effectively overcoming the defects of concentrated user interest and insufficient diversity of recommendation results. In a recommendation output stage, an initial recommendation news list is treated, a theme grouping process based on the personalized user model is added on the basis of currently repeating data deleting and redundancy filtering, and news texts are reordered again according to the aging weight so as to recommend the accurate, diversified and novel personalized news.

Machine vision and inertial navigation fusion-based mobile robot motion attitude estimation method

The invention discloses a machine vision and inertial navigation fusion-based mobile robot motion attitude estimation method which comprises the following steps of: synchronously acquiring a mobile robot binocular camera image and triaxial inertial navigation data; distilling front/back frame image characteristics and matching estimation motion attitude; computing a pitch angle and a roll angle by inertial navigation; building a kalman filter model to estimate to fuse vision and inertial navigation attitude; adaptively adjusting a filter parameter according to estimation variance; and carrying out accumulated dead reckoning of attitude correction. According to the method, a real-time expanding kalman filter attitude estimation model is provided, the combination of inertial navigation and gravity acceleration direction is taken as supplement, three-direction attitude estimation of a visual speedometer is decoupled, and the accumulated error of the attitude estimation is corrected; and the filter parameter is adjusted by fuzzy logic according to motion state, the self-adaptive filtering estimation is realized, the influence of acceleration noise is reduced, and the positioning precision and robustness of the visual speedometer is effectively improved.

Method for processing space hand signal gesture command based on depth camera

The invention discloses a method for processing a space hand signal gesture command based on a depth camera and relates to the method for processing the space hand signal gesture command based the depth camera. The method for processing the space hand signal gesture command based the depth camera is capable of recognizing space hand signal gesture command information fast and accurately, improving working efficiency and precision greatly and being high in robustness, strong in practical applicability and good in anti-jamming capability when applied to a complex and changeable environment. The method comprises the steps of acquiring a real-time image by the depth camera, obtaining hand signal point cloud data by using three-dimensional point cloud computation and obtaining hand signal point cloud information, achieving a plane registering of the hand signal point cloud information and extracting contour feature point information, resuming a hand signal gesture, recognizing the hand signal gesture, recognizing a corresponding movement track and defining operation content of the movement track and finally achieving data smoothing of a dynamic hand signal gesture mouse output point according to a protocol for table-top tangible user interfaces (TUIO). The method for processing the space hand signal gesture command based the depth camera has the advantages of being fast , comprehensive and accurate in acquiring target information, establishing a space motion detecting area, extracting information with different depth, achieving multi-touch and improving integral operating performance.

Down filling machine

The invention discloses a down filling machine, which comprises a down storage box, weighing cabinets, down filling pipes and a programmable controller, wherein the down storage box is provided with at least two weighing cabinets; at least two weighing boxes are arranged in each weighing cabinet; the total number of the weighing boxes is equal to the total number of down outlets of the down storage box; each weighing cabinet is provided with at least one down filling pipe; the total number of the weighing boxes in each weighing cabinet is dual, and the number of the down filling pipes is a half of the total number of the weighing boxes. According to the down filling machine, the close full-automatic down filling can be carried out, the labor intensity is reduced, the production efficiency is improved, and the production cost is decreased. The down filling machine has the advantages of reasonable design, simple structure, low cost and good practicability. The down storage box of the down filling machine has stable down output, so that the down filling consistence and the down filling precision are ensured; a weighing process of the weighing boxes is independent, precise and effective; the down filling pipes cannot fill the down to airtight cutting pieces; working conditions of the multiple weighing boxes are alternatively changed and one down filling pipe is used for outputting, so that the down filling efficiency is further improved.

Ultra-long-term freshness preserving system

The invention relates to an ultra-long-term freshness preserving system which can be applied to a refrigerator and installed in a refrigerating chamber of the refrigerator. The system comprises a freshness preserving box, an oxygen enriching membrane, a vacuum pump, a pressure sensor, a control plate and gas delivering pipes, wherein the oxygen enriching membrane is fixed in the freshness preserving box and connected with a gas sucking opening of the vacuum pump by the first gas delivering pipe penetrating through the wall of the freshness preserving box; an exhaust opening of the vacuum pump is led outside a box body for mounting the ultra-long-term freshness preserving system by the second gas delivering pipe; the pressure sensor is fixed to the first gas delivering pipe to sense the pressure in the freshness preserving box, and a signal line is connected with the control plate; and the control plate is connected with and controls the vacuum pump. The invention has ultrastrong freshness preserving function and can effectively improve the storing time of food stored in the refrigerator by being applied to the refrigerator; compared with the refrigeration of a common refrigerator, the invention is expected to be improved by 2-3 times. In addition, the invention can provide high-concentration oxygen for a room, has a plurality of advantages and practical values, and greatly improves the practicability and the healthy performance of the refrigerator.
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