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A crop is a plant or animal product that can be grown and harvested extensively for profit or subsistence. Crop may refer either to the harvested parts or to the harvest in a more refined state. Most crops are cultivated in agriculture or aquaculture. A crop is usually expanded to include macroscopic fungus (e.g. mushrooms), or alga (algaculture).

Self contained transport for crop harvesting header

A transport system for a crop header includes a first and a second wheel arrangement on the header frame adjacent a respective ends for acting as a stabilizer when the header is in the operating position and movable to a transport position for transporting the header when removed from the vehicle in a transport direction generally longitudinal of the header frame and at a right angle to the working direction with each being mounted on the header frame for rotation of a rolling direction of the first wheel arrangement between the working position and the transport position, in which the rolling direction is along the transport direction. Each of the wheel arrangements includes two parallel wheels coupled together. The wheel arrangement at the rear end includes a second wheel which is mounted on a swing arm so as to be moved to a position adjacent the cutter bar so that the header is stably supported on the first wheel arrangement, the first wheel of the second wheel arrangement and the second wheel of the second wheel arrangement. The first and second wheels of the second wheel arrangement include coupling members for connection together to operate as a common wheel arrangement in the operating position. The swing arm includes a tower which attaches to the cutter bar and can fold down on to the swing arm in the field position.

Field intelligent irrigation on-line control management method

The invention discloses a field intelligent irrigation on-line control management method. According to the invention, a small automatic weather station collects meteorological data; a soil water environment monitoring device determines the soil water content of a crop root area in real time; the soil water content of the root area is imported and stored in a database; a client logs in a field real-time intelligent irrigation system on-line; and field soil information management, crop information management, field real-time monitoring, field real-time irrigation simulation and irrigation forecasting, field information inquiry, and information statistics can be carried out. With the method provided by the invention, remote on-line irrigation real-time guidance can be carried out. Based on a network, real-time data collected by a data collection system is subjected to secondary processing such as analysis, induction and processing; the crop real-time evapotranspiration is calculated; and crop real-time insufficient irrigation simulation, irrigation forecasting and irrigation management are carried out on-line. Through system internal processing such as model simulation, parameter simulation and the like, decisions that whether the crop needs irrigation, irrigation water amount and irrigation time can be precisely made.

Method for preparing foliage fertilizer containing nucleic acid degradation product

InactiveCN101186534AFast absorptionPromote growthOrganic fertilisersNucleic acid metabolic processPurine
The invention relates to a preparation method of a foliar fertilizer which comprises nucleic acid degradation products. The invention is characterized in that: malt sprout is employed to obtain nuclease liquid with a low temperature water extraction method, nucleic acid solution and enzyme solution are blended according to a proportion by weight of 1 : 2 to 3 portions of nucleic acid and malt sprout, and the solution is hydrolyzed at a temperature of 65 DEG C and a condition of pH 5.6 for 3 to 4 hours, then a nucleic acid degradation product foliar fertilizer is obtained after enzyme dispelling, filtering, enzyme and milling. The preparation method of the invention is characterized by simple technique, easily available raw material, pollution free exhaust and low production cost; the prepared nucleic acid degradation products of the foliar fertilizer are nucleosides, nucleotides, pyrimidine, purine and other micromolecule, thus being beneficial to the metabolism process of nucleic acid, and the invention also contains a great amount of nutrient components such as glucide, protein and minerals, etc., which are needed by the growth of crops, thus promoting the growth of crops, strengthening resistance and obviously improving yield and quality; the yield of wheat is improved by 7 to 10 percent, protein content is improved by 1 percent and wheat gluten content is improved by 3 percent; solution is prepared by the foliar fertilizer of the invention according to requirements of the growth of crops to spray; absorption speed of foliage is fast, and brings no pollution to soil; the foliar fertilizer is a non polluted green fertilizer.

Spin milling type multifunctional machine for deeply ploughing and crushing ridges

The invention discloses a spin milling type multifunctional machine for deeply ploughing and crushing ridges, which is based on a tractor. A hydraulic mechanism and a linking spin milling drill bit device or a cultivation component is arranged on a rear frame of the tractor; the linking spin milling drill bit device is provided with one or more drill bit shafts; spiral hinges are arranged on the drill bit shafts and provided with apical teeth; the linking spin milling drill bit device is provided with a device for preventing a straw from being wound; the hydraulic mechanism drives a spin milling drill bit to move up and down; and a gearbox drives the spin milling drill bit by a connecting rod and a gear. According to the spin milling type multifunctional machine, the drill bit enters intosoil and then vertically cuts, spin mills and crushes the soil and ensures that the soil is automatically suspended to form the ridges; the soil crushing section of the crushed ridge is T-shaped; thelower part of the compacted soil on the ground is in a U-shaped groove, so that the whole layer of the soil is in a loosing state during cultivation; and in addition, the invention plays roles of covering and replacing the soil, increases an active layer, improves the capabilities of preserving moisture and fertility and the permeability of the soil, benefits the utilization of deep growing of the crop root system to water and fertilizer, relatively reduces pests and weeds and ensures that the crop is easy to obtain high and stable yield.
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