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Agricultural science is a broad multidisciplinary field of biology that encompasses the parts of exact, natural, economic and social sciences that are used in the practice and understanding of agriculture. (Veterinary science, but not animal science, is often excluded from the definition.)

CAR-T transgene vector based on replication defective recombinant lentivirus and construction method and application of CAR-T transgene vector

The invention discloses a CAR-T transgene vector based on replication defective recombinant lentivirus. The CAR-T transgene vector comprises an original nuclear replicon pUCOri sequence, a resistance gene AmpR sequence containing ampicillin, a virus replicon SV40 Ori sequence, a lentivirus packaging cis element, ZsGreen1 green fluorescent protein, an IRES ribosome binding sequence, a human EF1 alpha promoter , a chimeric antigen receptor of second-generation CAR or third-generation CAR and a regulating element, wherein the original nuclear replicon pUCOri sequence is used for plasmid replication; the resistance gene AmpR sequence is used for massively proliferating target strains; the virus replicon SV40 Ori sequence is used for enhancing replication in eukaryocyte; the lentivirus packaging cis element is used for lentivirus packaging; the ZsGreen1 green fluorescent protein is used for expressing green fluorescent for eukaryocyte; the IRES ribosome binding sequence is used for jointly transcribing and expressing protein; the human EF1 alpha promoter is used for conducting eukaryotic transcription on antigen receptor genes; the chimeric antigen receptor is used for forming the second-generation CAR or the third-generation CAR integrating recognition, transfer and start; the regulating element is used for enhancing expression efficiency of transgenes and used after eWPRE-enhanced type woodchuck hepatitis b virus is transcribed. Besides, the invention further discloses a construction method and application of the vector. By means of the CAR-T transgene vector and the construction method and application of the vector, secretion of cell factors and an in vitro killing effect of CAR-T cells can be remarkably improved, and the clinical treatment effect is remarkable.

Distributed-network automatic irrigation control system and irrigation control method thereof

InactiveCN102037888ARealization of automatic irrigation controlSuitable for irrigationClimate change adaptationWatering devicesForest industryAgricultural science
The invention provides a distributed-network automatic irrigation control system and an irrigation control method thereof, wherein the system carries out automatic irrigation control on agricultural, forest, commercial, industrial or urban green areas by using the combined technical means such as intensively setting and monitoring a distributed irrigation process by a central control computer, controlling the distributed irrigation process by a wireless terminal controller, a wireless network communication technique and the like; and in addition, the system also enables the data processing pressure of the central control computer to be decomposed by using a distributed irrigation control method which is implemented through the steps of intensively setting the irrigation process by the central control computer, and independently controlling each unit irrigation process by the wireless terminal controllers according to the setting, thereby avoiding a mass of real-time communication data transmission, ensuring that the system can smoothly carry out data processing and communication, improving the execution efficiency and management efficiency of the system, decreasing the construction requirements of system hardware and wireless communication networks, and enhancing the economical efficiency and feasibility of the system applied in large-scale irrigations.

Standardized cultivation method of super double cropping rice

The invention discloses a standardized cultivation method of super double cropping rice. Currently, the super double cropping rice is cultivated still according to a traditional method for cultivating ordinary rice, yield is not stable, the quality is not high, and grain safety and income increasing of farmers are seriously affected. The standardized cultivation method includes the technical measures of selection of varieties, selection of environment of producing area, robust seedlings cultivation, field cultivation and management, integrated control over plant diseases and insect pests and the like, and systematized standardized cultivation technology integration research of the super double cropping rice is carried out. According to a test result after 56 thousand of hm2 is popularized and applied, the yield of 667 m<2> reaches 456.67 kg/ 667 m<2> averagely, the yield increase range reaches 42.57 kg/ 667m<2> averagely, the rate of growth reaches 10.27% averagely, the increased income of every 667 m<2> reaches 100.58 RMB/ 667 m<2> averagely, the cost for using chemical pesticide to control diseases, pests and the like is lowered, and the cost is saved by 6.5-7.2 RMB/ 667 m<2>. According to the technical standard, the production of the super rice is indexed and scientized, the technical operability is high, the application effect is good, the standardized cultivation method is deeply popular by mass farmers, and the gained economic benefit, social benefits and ecological benefits are remarkable.

Method for breeding beef cattle and mutton sheep standardly on large scale through photovoltaic facilities

A method for breeding beef cattle and mutton sheep standardly on a large scale through photovoltaic facilities includes the four parts that first, a photovoltaic facility greenhouse is built, maize seedlings or high-quality green forage grass Zea mexicana is produced throughout the year to be used as green fodder of beef cattle and mutton sheep; second, the beef cattle and the mutton sheep are bred and bio-organic fertilizer is produced standardly on a large scale through the photovoltaic facility greenhouse; third, photovoltaic power generation is performed for self use, and excessive electricity is connected into the state grid; fourth, a beef cattle and mutton sheep traceable system is built, and foods are made safe and sanitary. Through the method, not only can solar resources be effectively utilized to output clean and green energy, but also efficient planting and breeding can be achieved, by-products are processed into organic fertilizer, and a new path is provided for green agricultural production. Because a full-frame high-standard support system is adopted for the photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse and photovoltaic modules are arranged on the greenhouse, the space of the greenhouse can be effectively utilized, power utilized in the greenhouse can be supplied through a photovoltaic power station, and equivalently, stereoscopic production is formed on the land with the same area.
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High-efficiency fertilizing device for planting forage grass in animal husbandry

The invention relates to a fertilizing device for planting forage grass in the animal husbandry, in particular to a high-efficiency fertilizing device for planting forage grass in the animal husbandry. The invention aims at providing the high-efficiency fertilizing device for planting the forage grass in the animal husbandry, which is high in fertilizing efficiency and convenient in operation and is time-saving and labor-saving. In order to achieve the aim, the invention provides the high-efficiency fertilizing device for planting the forage grass in the animal husbandry. The high-efficiency fertilizing device comprises a bottom plate, wheels, a first guide sleeve, a bracket, a special-shaped rack, a second guide sleeve, a first rack, a first gear, a left frame, a drawing wire, a swinging rod, a spring, a sector-shaped gear, a connecting rod, a first motor, a rotary disc, a clamping block, a connecting rod, a first supporting rod, a piston, a cylinder body, an installing plate, a fixed rod, a fixed plate and a spraying nozzle and the like; the wheels are arranged at the bottom part of the bottom plate in a manner of bilateral symmetry. The fertilizing device provided by the invention has the advantages that the fertilizing efficiency is high, the operation is convenient, and the time and the labor are saved; the fertilizing device plays an important role all the time, not only has good fertilizing effect, but also improve the working efficiency.
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