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Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change. Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light. Pollutants, the components of pollution, can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants. Pollution is often classed as point source or nonpoint source pollution. In 2015, pollution killed 9 million people in the world.

Special biological fish-fertilizer for aquaculture and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a special biological fish fertilizer and a preparation method for the fertilizer used in aquiculture; wherein, the biological fish fertilizer mainly comprises raw materials as follows: microbiological preparation, inorganic fertilizers, fermentation organics, micro-mineral amino acid chelate, mineral composites, and water quality improver. The preparation method for the special biological fish fertilizer in aquiculture comprises steps as follows: microbiological preparation is produced; fermentation organics is then produced, and the micro-mineral amino acid chelate is produced, eventually the finished products are made. The special biological fish fertilizer has the advantages of limiting the growth and reproduction of the harmful algae, promoting the large-scale growth and reproduction of the suitable food for fish, effectively improving the water quality and purifying the water environment, strengthening the fish immunity, reducing the diseases, reducing cost due to the small use level, convenient use, mild odor, no pollution to the water, and environment protection. By combining the modern bioengineering technique, low-temperature drying technique, spray-drying technique, and super-fine crushing techniques, the preparation method has the advantages of stable quality for the fish fertilizers and lower overall cost.

Photovoltaic units, methods of operating photovoltaic units and controllers therefor

The present invention relates to the field of photovoltaic systems with solar cell (s) or modules having insolation differences or mismatch. Each solar module is formed by placing a large number of solar cells in series. The PV system is then formed by placing a number of solar modules in series in a string and sometimes by placing multiple strings of series-connected solar modules in parallel, depending on the desired output voltage and power range of the PV system. In practical cases, differences will exist between output powers of the solar cells in the various modules, e.g. due to (part of) the modules being temporarily shaded, pollution on one or more solar cells, or even spread in solar-cell behaviour that may become worse during aging. Due to the current-source-type behaviour of solar cells and their series connection these differences will lead to a relatively large drop in output power coming from the PV system. This invention addresses this problem by adding DC-DC converters (803) on a single or multiple solar-cell level that source or sink difference currents thereby increasing the output power of the complete PV system. In embodiments, the efficiency of photovoltaic systems with solar cell (s) or modules is improved by compensating for output-power loss caused by insolation difference and mismatch.
Owner:NXP BV

Composite material for automobile interior part and production method thereof

The invention discloses a formula of a composite material for an automobile interior part. The formula consists of the following materials in percentage by weight: 40 to 60 percent of polylactic acid fiber and 40 to 60 percent of natural fiber. The production method of the invention comprises the following steps: uniformly mixing the raw materials; putting the mixture into an opener for opening, combing and shaping the obtained product, feeding the product into a lapping machine for cross lapping and feeding the cross-lapped product into a needling machine for needling to form a felt; immersing the fiber felt into a processing slurry; drying the immersed coiled material through hot blast and cutting the dried material into pieces of required size; placing the cut material into a mould for curing and shaping by heating; demoulding the material to form a composite plate; and softening the composite plate by flat panel heating, covering the plate with a surface decorative layer and performing cold molding on the plate through a product mould to manufacture the finished product finally; or softening the cut fiber felt by the flat panel heating directly, covering the plate with the surface decorative layer and performing the cold molding to manufacture the finished product finally. The composite material for the automobile interior part of the invention has the advantages of no toxicity, no pollution, simple processing technique, small energy consumption and high environment protection performance.

Coking furnace capable of recycling heat energy and coking method

The invention discloses a coking furnace capable of recycling heat energy, and the coking furnace comprises a furnace body, an exhaust gas recycling system and a raw coal gas treatment system, wherein the furnace body sequentially comprises a coal feeding segment, a rapid coal heating segment, a raw coal gas leading-out segment, a coal carbonization coking segment, a coke quenching and tempering segment, a dry coke quenching segment and a coke discharging segment from top to bottom; the exhaust gas recycling system comprises an exhaust gas leading-out unit, an exhaust gas heat exchanger, a commutator and the like; and the raw coal gas treatment system comprises a raw coal gas leading-out unit. By using the coking furnace disclosed by the invention, continuous coal carbonization coking canbe achieved and the exhaust gas after combustion is used for dry coke quenching in the furnace; pre-dried coal can be quickly heated to 300 DEG C during entering the furnace, the coal is carbonized and coked in the furnace body, and the exhaust gas generated by self-combustion is used for dry coke quenching at the furnace bottom after the exhaust gas is cooled by heat exchange with air, thus continuously producing coke; the pollution is less in the production process; the coal industrial chain is extended, the coking cost is lowered, the coking coal types are broadened, and the product quality is improved; the profit margins are expanded in a large extent; and the maintenance cost is low.

Method for preparing foliage fertilizer containing nucleic acid degradation product

InactiveCN101186534AFast absorptionPromote growthOrganic fertilisersNucleic acid metabolic processPurine
The invention relates to a preparation method of a foliar fertilizer which comprises nucleic acid degradation products. The invention is characterized in that: malt sprout is employed to obtain nuclease liquid with a low temperature water extraction method, nucleic acid solution and enzyme solution are blended according to a proportion by weight of 1 : 2 to 3 portions of nucleic acid and malt sprout, and the solution is hydrolyzed at a temperature of 65 DEG C and a condition of pH 5.6 for 3 to 4 hours, then a nucleic acid degradation product foliar fertilizer is obtained after enzyme dispelling, filtering, enzyme and milling. The preparation method of the invention is characterized by simple technique, easily available raw material, pollution free exhaust and low production cost; the prepared nucleic acid degradation products of the foliar fertilizer are nucleosides, nucleotides, pyrimidine, purine and other micromolecule, thus being beneficial to the metabolism process of nucleic acid, and the invention also contains a great amount of nutrient components such as glucide, protein and minerals, etc., which are needed by the growth of crops, thus promoting the growth of crops, strengthening resistance and obviously improving yield and quality; the yield of wheat is improved by 7 to 10 percent, protein content is improved by 1 percent and wheat gluten content is improved by 3 percent; solution is prepared by the foliar fertilizer of the invention according to requirements of the growth of crops to spray; absorption speed of foliage is fast, and brings no pollution to soil; the foliar fertilizer is a non polluted green fertilizer.

Microgrid operation optimizing method by considering combined supply of cooling, heating and power with stored energy operation strategy

The invention discloses a microgrid operation optimizing method by considering combined supply of cooling, heating and power with a stored energy operation strategy.The microgrid operation optimizing method comprises the following steps of: establishing a CCHP (combined cooling heating and power) microgrid optimizing model; constructing a target optimizing function with a target of lowest generating cost under a microgrid grid-connected operation state; according to the established target optimizing function, comprehensively considering load level of front and time periods with an output trend of each micro power supply, and determining the operation principle of an energy storage unit and a fuel battery to determine the best operation mode of the whole CCHP system in a scheduling period. The microgrid operation optimizing method disclosed by the invention has the beneficial effects that the microgrid electricity selling profits can be effectively increased for energy storage optimization, obvious advantages are provided in lowering the operation cost of the microgrid; the energy resource utilization rate of the stem can be improved and the energy gradient utilization can be realized in comparison with the conventional heat-engine plant and thermal power plant, so that reference is provided for energy saving of the power system; moreover, the energy is saved and the emission is reduced, pollution of air pollutants is greatly reduced, and significance is achieved in improving environmental benefits.

Comprehensive performance experiment platform for water-lubricated bearings and transmission systems

ActiveCN102269654AReal performance testPerformance testing is completeMachine gearing/transmission testingMachine bearings testingLow noiseDrive motor
The invention discloses a water lubricated bearing and transmission system comprehensive performance testing platform, which comprises a water lubricated bearing, a dynamic seal device, an elastic coupling, a gearbox, a water circulating system, a driving motor, an intermediate bearing, a bearing block, a loading and testing device and other parts. The loading device loads a test shaft in the circumferential direction, axial direction and radial direction so as to simulate complicated working conditions of the water lubricated bearing and the transmission system thereof; the testing system can detect various parameters of the water lubricated bearing, such as working speed, torque, temperature, frictional characteristics, water film pressure distribution, interface deformation distribution, shaft centerline orbit, noise and dynamic characteristics, and comprehensive performance of the dynamic seal, the elastic coupling and the transmission system on line; and the testing platform can be applied to research of scientific problems such as the loading bearing of a water lubricated friction pair, failure mechanism and evolution law, tribological performance and dynamic service behaviors, and provides a key scientific and technological basis for developing a pollution-free, low-noise, high-reliability, long-life, high-efficiency and energy-saving water lubricated bearing and a transmission system thereof.

Method for extracting tungsten, titanium and vanadium from waste SCR (selective catalytic reduction) catalyst

The invention discloses a method for extracting tungsten, titanium and vanadium from a waste SCR (selective catalytic reduction) catalyst, which comprises the following steps: crushing the waste SCR catalyst, adding a strongly alkaline solution, and reacting; filtering, separating, then adding strong acid into the sodium tungstate and sodium vanadate mixed solution, and reacting to obtain tungstic acid and a sodium salt and vanadic acid mixed solution; regulating the pH value of the sodium salt and vanadic acid mixed solution until precipitate is separated out, thus obtaining ammonium vanadate; then adding sulfuric acid into the tungsten-and-vanadium-removed SCR catalyst, and reacting to obtain a titanyl sulfate solution and solids such as aluminum slag and the like; then adding water into the titanyl sulfate solution, and hydrolyzing to obtain titanic acid and a waste acid solution; and finally, respectively calcining the obtained ammonium vanadate, tungstic acid and titanic acid to obtain vanadium pentoxide, tungsten trioxide and titanium dioxide. According to the invention, tungsten, titanium and vanadium can be extracted from the SCR catalyst through the reaction with strong alkali and strong acid at a low temperature, the equipment requirement is low, the energy consumption is low, some products having added values can be coproduced, and no secondary pollution is generated, thereby facilitating popularization and application.

Aerial engine lean premixed preevaporated low contamination combustion chamber

An aero-engine lean-oil premixed pre-evaporation low-pollution combustor consists of a head and a flame tube, the combustion gas is all supplied from the head of the combustor, and the cooling gas and mixed gas enter from the flame tube; the head is The double-ring cavity structure is divided into two stages, the pre-combustion stage and the main combustion stage. The pre-combustion stage is included, and the main combustion stage surrounds the pre-combustion stage. The pre-combustion stage includes a centrifugal nozzle and a swirler surrounding the centrifugal nozzle. After being sprayed out from the centrifugal nozzle, the fuel is sheared and broken by the air swirl from the swirler, mixed in the mixing chamber area of ​​the pre-combustion stage and then enters the combustion area Diffusion combustion is formed inside; the main combustion stage includes a direct air atomizing nozzle, a main swirler and a premixing ring chamber, the main swirler is located upstream of the nozzle, and the premixing ring chamber is located downstream of the nozzle, and the fuel goes first in the nozzle It is mixed and atomized with air, and then tangentially injected into the premixed ring cavity for premixed pre-evaporation, and enters the combustion area to form premixed combustion; in the downstream of the pre-combustion stage combustion and main combustion stage fuel outlets, contraction and expansion ports are used to prevent backflow fire and carbon buildup. The invention has a simple structure and can effectively reduce the pollution discharge of the aero-engine under the condition of ensuring the working state.
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