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Equipment and method for extracting biologically active ingredients from subcritical fluid

The invention discloses equipment and a method for extracting biologically active ingredients from subcritical fluid, aims to solve the problems of low extraction efficiency and the like existing in the aspects of biologically active ingredient separation technology in the prior art and provides a set of subcritical equipment which comprises an extracting agent supply system, an entrainer supply system, an extraction system, a separation system, a solvent recycling system, a desolvation system, a heat supply system, a computer control system and the like, has high automatic control degree and is used for extracting the biologically active ingredients. Simultaneously, the invention also provides a new technological method for extracting the biologically active ingredients by adopting a subcritical extraction process. The method has the advantage of relatively low cost on the conventional extraction of an organic solvent, and the equipment has the characteristics of no solvent residue, no pollution, high bioactivity and the like in a product obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction technology and has the advantages of low investment on production equipment, high production efficiency within unit time, low energy consumption, flexible operation, high degree of automation and the like.

Process for enhancing the value of hydrocabonaceous natural recources

InactiveUS6875341B1Little and valueReduce total process throughputRefining with acid-containing liquidsHydrocarbonsSolubilitySolvent free
A process for upgrading hydrocarbonaceous oil containing heteroatom-containing compounds where the hydrocarbonaceous oil is contacted with a solvent system that is a mixture of a major portion of a polar solvent having a dipole moment greater than about 1 debye and a minor portion of water to selectively separate the constituents of the carbonaceous oil into a heteroatom-depleted raffinate fraction and heteroatom-enriched extract fraction. The polar solvent and the water-in-solvent system are formulated at a ratio where the water is an antisolvent in an amount to inhibit solubility of heteroatom-containing compounds and the polar solvent in the raffinate, and to inhibit solubility of non-heteroatom-containing compounds in the extract. The ratio of the hydrocarbonaceous oil to the solvent system is such that a coefficient of separation is at least 50%. The coefficient of separation is the mole percent of heteroatom-containing compounds from the carbonaceous oil that are recovered in the extract fraction minus the mole percent of non-heteroatom-containing compounds from the carbonaceous oil that are recovered in the extract fraction. The solvent-free extract and the raffinate concentrates may be used directly or processed to make valuable petroleum, chemical or industrial products.
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