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System and method of preparing paraxylene by alcohol/ether conversion

The invention belongs to the field of craft processes of arene production devices, and particularly relates to a system and method of preparing paraxylene by alcohol/ether conversion. The system provided by the invention mainly consists of an alcohol/ether aromatization reaction device, a gas-liquid-liquid three phase separating device, a benzene fractional device, a paraxylene fractional device, an olefin-removing device, a paraxylene separating device and a paraxylene product tower. The yield of the paraxylene is increased by means of aromatization reaction of non-arene, alkylation reaction of benzene and disproportionated reaction of xylene and arene with more than 9 carbon atoms. By adopting an unclear separation technology of a product with less than 7 carbon atoms, an arene extraction system is canceled, the investment and energy consumption are greatly reduced, and gaseous phase hydrocarbon with more than 2 carbon atoms is fully utilized as a raw material of an alcohol/ether aromatization system. Hydrogen generated is used for disproportionation of C9 methyl arene and C10 methyl arene and isomerization reaction of C8 arene. The system and method have the advantages of self supply of raw materials, less investment, low energy consumption, short flow and high yield of paraxylene.

Catalyst for normal paraffin hydroisomerization reaction and preparation method as well as application thereof

The invention relates to a catalyst for a normal paraffin hydroisomerization reaction and a preparation method as well as an application thereof. The catalyst has the characteristics that the activity is high in an n-hexane hydroisomerization reaction, and the selectivity and stability are good for a double-branched-chain product. The catalyst comprises modified zeolite molecular sieve ZSM-12 treated by alkaline solution and noble metal of family VIII, wherein the zeolite molecular sieve ZSM-12 adopts zeolite molecular sieve ZSM-12 containing organic amine template. The preparation method of the catalyst comprises the following steps of: desilication of zeolite molecular sieve ZSM-12 containing template after being treated with alkaline solution to obtain zeolite molecular sieve ZSM-12 with high content of mesoporous, and preparing isomerized catalyst by loading Pt. The catalyst is applied in the normal paraffin hydroisomerization reaction, when the catalyst is applied, the n-hexane hydroisomerization reaction is carried out on a fixed bed miniature reactor, the reacting raw material n-hexane is fed into the reactor by a force pump, and is contacted with the catalyst to react in the reactor after being mixed with hydrogen in a mixer.
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