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Ebullated bed hydroprocessing methods and systems and methods of upgrading an existing ebullated bed system

An ebullated bed hydroprocessing system, and also a method for upgrading a pre-existing ebullated bed hydroprocessing system, involves introducing a colloidal or molecular catalyst, or a precursor composition capable of forming the colloidal or molecular catalyst, into an ebullated bed reactor. The colloidal or molecular catalyst is formed by intimately mixing a catalyst precursor composition into a heavy oil feedstock and raising the temperature of the feedstock to above the decomposition temperature of the precursor composition to form the colloidal or molecular catalyst in situ. The improved ebullated bed hydroprocessing system includes at least one ebullated bed reactor that employs both a porous supported catalyst and the colloidal or molecular catalyst to catalyze hydroprocessing reactions involving the feedstock and hydrogen. The colloidal or molecular catalyst provides catalyst in what would otherwise constitute catalyst free zones within the ebullated bed hydroprocessing system. Asphaltene or other hydrocarbon molecules too large to diffuse into the pores of the supported catalyst can be upgraded by the colloidal or molecular catalyst. A slurry phase reactor may be positioned upstream from one or more ebullated bed reactors or converted from a pre-existing ebullated bed reactor.

Hydrogenating and pour point depressing catalyst and its preparing method

The invention discloses a hydro dewaxing catalyst and the preparation method. In the method, compound with hydrogen active component is mixed with aluminum dry gel to prepare adhesive; and then the adhesive is mixed with shape-selective cracked zeolite and is pinched in shape; after drying and roasting, catalyst carrier is yielded; then the catalyst carrier is impregnated in the impregnating solution containing the rest active component and promoter; and after drying and roasting again, the catalyst of the invention is yielded. The invention is capable of taking full advantage of the alumina used as adhesive in the catalyst carrier under low hydrogen active component content conditions to prepare adhesive containing all the molybdenum and tungsten and part of the nickel, thereby keeping a certain amount of nickel oxide in the zeolite. The rest of the active metal component is distributed in the alumina, keeping the zeolite passage unobstructed with good hydro dewaxing effect and effectively improving the hydrogen addition and purification performance of the catalyst. The catalyst is especially suitable for hydro dewaxing of raw material containing wax and with high nitrogen impurity content and suitable for hydrogen addition and purification.
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