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Waterproof/sealing paint with aqueous resin as main body

The invention discloses a waterproof/sealing paint with an aqueous resin as the main body. The aqueous resin is a formula resin which is prepared according to a patent of the applicant of the invention, the aqueous resin and an aqueous hardener are dispersed in an emulsion, and the obtained material which is coated on surfaces of buildings, timbers, rattan articles or metals becomes hard to form a hard and waterproof film after water is evaporated and the aqueous resin penetrates the surface of above objects. The extremely good durability and the extremely waterproof performance are reached, and the exudation of impurities in the objects is sealed, so the influence of the exudation of the impurities in the objects to a next step japanning of the objects is avoided. Compared with general waterproof paints and sealing coats, the waterproof/sealing paint of the invention simultaneously has the functions of waterproof paints and sealing paints, the waterproof/sealing paint which is an aqueous system can be diluted with water, and the waterproof/sealing paint which contains an extremely small amount of organic solvents contains no formaldehyde and no toluene, so the waterproof/sealing paint which has the advantages of environment protection and low usage cost avoids the cost of solvents for diluting the waterproof/sealing paint. The waterproof/sealing paint can be applied to various objects of interior walls and exterior walls of buildings, timbers, metals, rattan articles, paper, various handicrafts and the like.

Method for in-situ leaching of rare-earth ores from weathering crust elution-deposited rare earth ore

InactiveCN103509944AReduce adsorption consumptionReduce contentProcess efficiency improvementRidgeLandslide
The invention discloses a method for in-situ leaching of rare-earth ores from a weathering crust elution-deposited rare earth ore. The method comprises the following steps: holes are drilled in an ore body and drilled from a humus layer, a completely weathering layer to a half weathering layer of the ore body, a guide pipe with an opened upper part and an opened lower part is inserted into the holes and reaches the half weathering layer, and an ore leaching liquid is injected into the guide pipe; a diversion trench is formed in a bedrock to be used for guiding the rare earth leaching liquid into a liquid collecting reservoir; holes are distributed in a net shape along the ridge of the ore body, and the distance between every two holes is 2-3 m; a hopper is mounted at the upper end of the guide pipe, a fixing device is arranged on the guide pipe passing through the humus layer. The method has the advantages that the content of leached rare earth mother liquid impurities is reduced, the subsequent rare earth mother liquid treatment is facilitated, the geological hazards caused by the ore body landslide due to water swelling of clay minerals with high content of the humus layer are reduced, ammonium chloride can be used as a leaching agent, and under the premise of not increasing the impurity removal cost, the rare earth leaching rate is improved, and the selection range of the leaching agent is widened.

High purity manganese sulfate monohydrate and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN101875507AReduce contentEasy to getManganese sulfatesManganese sulphate monohydrateHeavy metals
The invention relates to manganese sulfate and a preparation method thereof, in particular to high purity manganese sulfate monohydrate and a preparation method thereof. In the high purity manganese sulfate monohydrate, the content of manganese is more than 32%; the content of impurities of K, Na, Ca and Mg are lower than 50ppm; and contents of heavy metal and iron impurity are both lower than 10ppm. The preparation method comprises the steps of: firstly adjusting the pH value of solution to 3.5 to 5 for remove impurities for the first time by using iron sulfate as an impurity removing agent; then adjusting the pH value to 4 to 7 using manganese carbonate; adding an adsorbent to remove the impurities for the second time; removing the impurities for the third time by using manganese fluoride as an impurity removing agent under the condition that the pH value is 4 to 7; then removing the impurities for the fourth time by using barium sulfide as an impurity removing agent under the condition that the pH value is 4 to 7; and finally concentrating, crystallizing, washing and drying to obtain the high purity manganese sulfate monohydrate. In the manganese sulfate monohydrate of the invention, the contents of all main metal impurities are lower; the content of the manganese is high; and the requirement of the anode material of a lithium-ion battery can be satisfied.

Special organic-inorganic compound fertilizer for sugarcane and preparation method of special organic-inorganic compound fertilizer

The invention provides a special organic-inorganic compound fertilizer for sugarcane. The special organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 20-25 parts of bagasse, 10-12 parts of vinasse, 10-15 parts of straw, 13-20 parts of pig manure, 13-20 parts of cow dung, 7-11 parts of edible fungi residue, 6-15 parts of rice chaff, 2-10 parts of household garbage, 1-7 parts of plant ashes, 10-12 parts of vermiculite, 5-7 parts of calcium superphosphate, 2-5 parts of potassium sulfate, 5-7 parts of urea, 0.05-0.25 part of zinc sulfate, 0.08-0.2 part of borax, 0.3-0.5 part of phosphate solubilizing bacteria, 0.1-0.3 part of potassium bacteria, 0.3-0.5 part of azotobacter, 0.5-0.8 part of photosynthetic bacteria and 5-10 parts of an insecticide. The invention further provides a preparation method of the special organic-inorganic compound fertilizer for sugarcane. The special organic-inorganic compound fertilizer for sugarcane is scientific in ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, rich in microelements such as zinc and boron, low in chemical fertilizer content, and lasting in fertilizer effect, and has a certain pest control effect.

Organic insulating binder for metal soft-magnetic composite material and method for preparing metal soft-magnetic composite material

The invention discloses an organic insulating binder for a metal soft-magnetic composite material and a magnet preparation method thereof. The organic insulating binder is composed of liquid A and liquid B, wherein the liquid A is a 0.2%-0.6% silane coupling agent; the liquid B is an insulated coating liquid which is formed by mixing 10wt%-30wt% of alicyclic epoxy resin, 5wt%-15wt% of methyl hexahydrophthalic anhydride, 20wt%-60wt% of silicon resin and 10wt%-40wt% of dimethyl benzene, wherein total dosage of the liquid B is 0.5%-1.5%. The preparation method comprises the following steps: uniformly coating a layer of liquid A silane coupling agent on the surface of metal powder; then, coating the liquid B coating liquid; and preparing the metal soft-magnetic composite material by the steps such as drying, profiling, degreasing and thermal-treating. Compared with an organic binder with other components, the organic substance insulating binder disclosed by the invention has a high heat-resistant temperature and good binding effect, can reduce dosage, so that content of non-magnetic substances is reduced, thereby facilitating improving magnetic conductivity of a magnet and lowering loss. The metal soft-magnetic composite material prepared by adopting the preparation method disclosed by the invention has better magnetic performance and frequency stability.

Whey protein powder prepared by taking milk as raw material and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN101731446AReduce contentLow costProtein composition from milkChemistryWhey protein powder
The invention relates to the field of powered milk, in particular relating to whey protein powder by taking milk as a raw material and a preparation method thereof. The method of the invention comprises the following steps: 1) microfiltration: leading milk or reduced milk to pass through a filtration membrane of 0.1mu m; 2) ultrafiltration: leading milk passing through the microfiltration membrane to pass through the ultrafiltration membrane, wherein the interceptor of the filtration membrane is the whey protein; and 3) carrying out concentration, sterilization and spray drying on the whey protein liquid incepted by the filtration membrane to obtain the whey protein powder. In the method of the invention, soluble whey protein is directly extracted from fresh milk through advanced membrane techniques such as low temperature, microfiltration, ultrafiltration and the like, thus maintaining protein activity for the most part, having higher nutrition value, removing lactose, and containing no additives and residual enzyme. The specific value of tryptophane to long-chain neutral amino acid in whey protein powder prepared by the method in the invention is higher than the specific value of ordinary WPC/WPI, as the whey protein in the invention has higher content of alpha-lactoalbumin and does not contain glycomacropeptide.

Grassleaf sweetflag rhizome extract, preparation method and application thereof

InactiveCN101721567AImprove learning and memoryReduce contentNervous disorderFood preparationAsaroneAqueous solution
The invention discloses a method for preparing grassleaf sweetflag rhizome extract. The method comprises the following steps: extracting the grassleaf sweetflag rhizome by water; concentrating the extracting solution to obtain concentrated solution; leading the concentrated solution onto a non-polar macroporous adsorption resin column for gradient elution, wherein the elution gradient is from water to 35 percent aqueous solution of alcohol; collecting eluate of 15 to 35 percent aqueous solution of alcohol; and drying the eluate to obtain the grassleaf sweetflag rhizome extract. The invention also discloses the grassleaf sweetflag rhizome extract prepared by the method, and application of the extract in preparing a medicament and health-care products or foods for improving learning and memory ability, or application in preparing a medicament for treating alzheimer,s diseases. The grassleaf sweetflag rhizome extract has obvious effects of improving the learning and memory ability, has low content of toxic and side components alpha-asarone and beta-asarone and high safety, and provides new approach for preparing the medicament and the health-care products or the foods for improving the learning and memory ability and the medicament for treating the alzheimer,s diseases.
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