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Method for preparing grapheme-quantum dot composite film and solar battery structured by using same

The invention relates to a method for preparing a grapheme-quantum dot composite film and a solar battery structured by using the same. The method comprises the following steps of: performing suction filtering on a suspension of grapheme-quantum dot composite powder on a filtering film to obtain a film; and then dissolving the filtering film away with an organic solvent, and transferring the filmto a conductive substrate. The method is characterized in that the ratio of the quantum dot to the grapheme and the thickness of the film can be controlled effectively; in addition, since the film isprepared at normal temperature, the requirement on the conductive substrate is reduced greatly. The prepared film can be used for structuring a novel quantum dot sensitized solar battery. The structured solar battery is of a layer structure, consists of the grapheme-quantum dot film on the conductive substrate, an electrolyte layer and a counter electrode and has the advantages of low cost, simpleness in preparation process, low temperature and stable performance. By the use of the grapheme-quantum dot composite film prepared by the method provided by the invention, the photoelectron transmission performance can be improved, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency of a battery can be enhanced.

Preparation technology of multi-purpose silicon micro-nano structure

The invention relates to a preparation technology of a multi-purpose silicon micro-nano structure, and belongs to the preparation technology field of new materials. A preparation method of a large-area highly-orderly silicon micro-nano structure array is researched though the combination of the metal-catalyzed silicon corrosion technology and the photoetching technology. A micro structure image on a photoetching mask plate is accurately copied to the surface of a clean silicon chip coated with a photoresist by utilizing an electron beam or ultraviolet light and other exposure technologies so as to obtain the image required during the corrosion process and protected by etching resist. A metal silver film is deposited on the surface of the silicon chip after the surface of the silicon chip is processed by utilizing high-vacuum heat-evaporation and other technologies; after the etching resist coated on the surface of the silicon chip and the silver film coated on the resist are removed, the silicon chip is immerged into a closed container of hydrofluoric acid corrosion solution containing an oxidant and processed for 10 to 100 minutes so as to obtain the large-area highly-orderly silicon micro-nano structure array. The large-area highly-orderly silica micro-nano structure array has wide application prospect in the fields of solar batteries, lithium battery cathode materials, gas sensors, active surface reinforced Raman spectrometry substrate and the like.
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