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The auxiliary electrode, often also called the counter electrode, is an electrode used in a three electrode electrochemical cell for voltammetric analysis or other reactions in which an electric current is expected to flow. The auxiliary electrode is distinct from the reference electrode, which establishes the electrical potential against which other potentials may be measured, and the working electrode, at which the cell reaction takes place.

Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same

A display apparatus includes; an insulating substrate, a first signal line formed on the insulating substrate, a second signal line crossing the first signal line, an auxiliary electrode line which is supplied with a common voltage and disposed on the insulating substrate, a first plurality of thin film transistors formed on the insulating substrate electrically connected with the first signal line and the second signal line, a second plurality of thin film transistors electrically connected with the first plurality of thin film transistors, pixel electrodes connected to one of the plurality of thin film transistors, each pixel electrode comprising a reflective layer, a conductive bridge portion connected to the auxiliary electrode line through a first contact hole, partitions including second contact holes which expose the bridge and surround the pixel electrodes, a light emitting device layer including a light emitting layer formed in a first region on the pixel electrodes, and a common layer exposing the first and the second contact holes formed over the first region and a second region surrounding the first region, and a common electrode formed on the light emitting device layer and electrically connected to the bridge through the second contact holes.
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